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Motorcycle driver hurt in Beaumont accident

BEAUMONT - Beaumont Police are investigating an accident that injured a motorcycle driver.

The driver was hurt at about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the accident on Maple near Magnolia, north of Interstate 10.

Paramedics transported the accident victim to a hospital.

We're checking on the driver's condition.

Jefferson County Ebola Roundtable on Preparedness set for Friday
23 OCTOBER 2014

Ebola Roundtable: Southeast Texas Leaders Discuss Future Plans and Local Preparedness

Hosted by the Jefferson County Medical Society and State Representative Joe Deshotel
Rep. Joe Deshotel
(409) 781-9221

WHO: Roundtable Panelists—
State Representative Joe Deshotel;
Dr. Garrett Peel, President, Jefferson County Medical Society;
Sherry Ulmer, RN, Public Health Director, Beaumont Department of Public Health;
Dr. Ali Osman, Medical Director, Emergency Services, Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas;
Dr. Rick Tyler, Regional Vice President Medical Affairs Christus Hospitals; Michelle Rigby, Infection Control Officer, Medical Centers of Southeast Texas; Dr. Ruthie Robinson, Chief Clinical Officer, Victory Medical Center;
Dr. Ezea Ede, Associate Doctor at County Health Authority, Jefferson County Public Health Department;
Dr. Paul McGaha, Regional Medical Director, Health and Human Services Commission;
Judith Smith, Health Director, Port Arthur Health Department;
Greg Friez, President of District 12, Texas Nurse Association and Quality Manager, Victory Hospital;
Brandon Hebert, Acadian Ambulance Service;
Dr. Ray Callas, Texas Medical Liability Trust and Anesthesia Associates Invited guests include local and state elected officials, regional school superintendents, federal agencies, state health authorities, port authorities, US Coast Guard and regional hospital representatives

WHAT: A roundtable discussion to address the latest developments, ongoing organization, logistics and readiness for management of a potential Ebola epidemic in our region

WHEN: Friday, October 24, 2014 at 12:30 PM

WHERE: Edison Plaza Building – Redbud Room (4th Floor)
350 Pine St; Beaumont, Texas, 77701; 409-835-5600

Nederland man dies in Port Neches pickup/dump truck crash

PORT NECHES  -- A Nederland man died from injuries he suffered when his 2001 Ford pickup truck collided with a dump truck on Hwy 366 and Detroit St. Wednesday.

Timothy Ling of Nederland was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead at 2:10pm.

The driver of the dump truck, 65 year old Norris Zeno of Beaumont, was transported to St. Elizabeth hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

DPS continues to investigate this fatal crash and there are no further details.

The DPS barricaded off lanes on Hwy 366 and a Hazmat crew was called in to deal with and diesel spill.

(Earlier report from DPS)  --  Drivers of a  dump truck and a pickup truck were rushed to area hospitals after the vehicles collided about 12:47 pm at FM 366 and Detroit in Port Neches, DPS reports.

Troopers say preliminary reports show that a 1997 Freightliner dump truck was traveling westbound on FM 366. A 2001 Ford truck was traveling southbound on Detroit.  


Trooper said it appears that the Ford truck disregarded a stop sign and pulled out in front of the dump truck.  The dump truck collided with the Ford truck which caused the dump truck to rollover.  The collision also caused diesel fuel to leak onto the roadway. 

At this time, both westbound and eastbound lanes of FM 366  between Gage and 1st Avenue are closed due to diesel on the roadway. Hazmat crews are in route to the crash scene. It is unclear as to how long the roadway will be closed.

DPS said information on the condition of both drivers will be released later this afternoon.


The Brandon Tran jury refuses a Capital Murder verdict and instead returns Felony Murder. The jury wrangled over "Intent to kill". We'll fill you in.

In Mid-County a pickup and dump truck collide. Drivers in hospital. Traffic a mess.

LifeShare puts out an urgent request for O- blood donors.
A woman is in court on charges she killed two sisters and an unborn baby in a auto collision. 

Thieves would like to be you and use your identity. They are in the area. How to protect yourself.

The latest Ebola scare is not the virus-- it's businesses preying on people's fear.

Tune in at 6pm for these stories, weather and lots more.

Jury convicts Tran of felony murder, not capital murder

BEAUMONT - A jury has convicted a man of felony murder, not capital murder, in the death of a Port Arthur nightclub owner.

KFDM's Jennifer Gordy is covering the Brandon Tran trial. Watch KFDM News and stay with for updates.

The jury in Judge Larry Gist's courtroom returned with the verdict in Brandon Tran's trial shortly after 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Tran faces 5 to 99 years or life in prison. He'd have to serve at least half the sentence before he would become eligible for parole. The punishment phase begins Thursday morning.

Tran robbed and murdered Port Arthur nightclub owner Hieu Huynh in September of 2012.

Tran was charged with capital murder but the District Attorney's Office wasn't seeking the death penalty. If convicted of capital murder he would have received an automatic life sentence.

The trial began last week and the jury began deliberating Tuesday. During deliberations the jury sent back several notes raising questions and asking to look at evidence, including surveillance video from a camera outside the nightclub during the shooting.

Crystal Boyett back in court

HARDIN COUNTY - Crystal Boyett is back in court for a status hearing Wednesday morning in Hardin County.

She's charged with manslaughter and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with a February collision in Lumberton that killed two sisters, the unborn child of the older sister, and injured the girls' mother.

A pre-trial hearing is set for December 1.

KFDM's Haley Bull is covering the hearing. Watch KFDM and stay with for updates.


(Previous coverage) BEAUMONT (August 22) - KFDM News was at the Hardin County Courthouse for Crystal Boyett's arraignment on manslaughter and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges in connection with a crash that killed two sisters and the older girl's unborn son.

Judge Steven Thomas set a number of restrictions on Boyett if she is able to post the $2 million bond and get out of jail.

Boyett surrendered at about 6:45 p.m. Thursday in Hardin County. Her bond is $500,000 for each of the three manslaughter charges in connection with a February 3 crash in Lumberton that killed 20-year-old Connely Burns, her unborn son she'd named Tyson, and Burns' 15-year-old sister, Courtney Sterling. The girls' mother, Dawn Sterling, was seriously injured. If convicted, Boyett could face punishment ranging from probation to 20 years in prison.

District Attorney David Sheffield asked Judge Steven Thomas to place restrictions on Boyett if she's able to post bond and is released from jail.

Among the restrictions the judge set: Boyett can't drive in Hardin County; she can't have contact with the victims' relatives; she must abstain from alcohol; report to the Community Supervisions Department once a month; and pay a bond supervision fee of $40 a month.

Sheffield says she's expected back in court October 22.

(Earlier report) HARDIN COUNTY (August 21) - KFDM News has learned Crystal Boyett surrendered Thursday night at the Hardin County jail and her total bond is $2 million following her grand jury indictment Thursday afternoon for manslaughter and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with a crash that killed a woman, her unborn son and the woman's sister, and seriously injured the sisters' mother.

Sheriff Ed Cain confirms to KFDM News Boyett surrendered at the jail at about 6:45 p.m. Thursday. A judge set her bond at $500,000 for the aggravated assault indictment. A judge had previously set her total bond at $1.5 million, or $500,000 for each of the three manslaughter charges. Boyett was charged soon after the collision and released on $1.5 million bond in June.

The grand jury Thursday indicted Boyett, 40, of Kirbyville, on three counts of manslaughter for the deaths of two sisters and the unborn child of the older sister, and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for the injury to the sisters' mother.

Connely Burns, 20, her unborn son, Tyson, and Connely's 15-year-old sister, Courtney Sterling, died in the February 3 crash in Lumberton. Dawn Sterling was critically injured and recovered after a lengthy hospital stay.

If convicted, Boyett could face a sentence ranging from probation to 20 years for each charge. She'd serve the time concurrently, or at the same time, meaning a maximum 20 years in prison. She would have to serve at least half the sentence before she becomes eligible for parole.

Investigators have said they found a bottle of prescription Xanax in Boyett's Camaro, but District Attorney David Sheffield tells KFDM News there wasn't evidence Boyett was intoxicated so the grand jury couldn't indict her for intoxication manslaughter.

In response to what he said were suggestions from citizens that he seek a possible murder charge, Sheffield told KFDM News there's no evidence to back that up.

"This is the legal justice we can give the Sterling family, not pretending to be able to give moral justice to this cause," Sheffield said.

Troopers say Boyett was traveling at more than 150 miles an hour when she was first clocked in Jasper and 120 miles an hour just before the collision at the intersection of Highway 96 and 69 in Lumberton.

Connely was in the rear seat of her family's Nissan Murano. Her sister, Courtney was driving the Murano. Their mother, Dawn, 46, was in the front passenger seat.

Lumberton Police Chief Danny Sullins called it a "horrific scene." The Camaro struck the rear of the Murano and pushed it off the highway and onto the grassy median near the service road. The collision was so violent debris flew about 600 feet, or the length of two football fields, from the point of impact.

Chief Sullins says Burns graduated from Lumberton High School. He told us her husband was working in the oil industry in North Dakota when he learned about the accident that killed his wife and her their unborn child.

(Previous coverage) HARDIN COUNTY (August 21) - by Haley Bull

The Hardin County Grand Jury has indicted a suspect from Kirbyville for a collision that killed a woman, her unborn son and the woman's sister.

The grand jury indicted Crystal Boyett on three counts of manslaughter for each death and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for injuries the girls' mother suffered in the collision.

The crash in Lumberton Feb. 3 killed Connely Burns, 20, her unborn son she'd named Tyson and Burns' sister, Courtney Sterling, 15. Sterling was a student at Lumberton High School.

The same day the grand jury returned the indictments, friends remembered the sisters.

"She's like our inspiration, just to do good and like, always smile and perform and be happy," Maci McCurley said.

Four of Sterling's friends gathered, talking about their memories of a friend, classmate and color guard teammate.

"We're constantly talking about her, like what would Courtney be doing right now, like how would Courtney feel about this situation and like, she's definitely a part of color guard it doesn't matter if she's here or not," Kealey Jackson said.

"It'll be weird to think you don't have any classes with her, but you know it's still like you'll sit in a chair and know she'll be there like encouraging you, telling you how to do your classes right," Morgan Mount said.

Next week, the four girls will head back to class at Lumberton High School keeping the memory of Sterling alive.

"It's like you know that she's there and that she's watching over us and that she's telling us to calm down," Paige Hunley said.

Crosses on the side of the road mark where investigators said a driver traveling at more than 100 mph just before the crash, hit the family's SUV near the intersection of Highway 96 and Highway 69 in Lumberton.

"I wouldn't term this an accident. From our point of view, it's a horrific crime," Hardin County District Attorney David Sheffield said.

Two days after the collision, police arrested the driver of the car, Crystal Boyett, 40, of Kirbyville. A grand jury indicted her Thursday on three counts of manslaughter and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, each is a second-degree felony. If convicted, Boyett faces a punishment from probation up to 20 years in prison. If convicted and sentenced, Boyett would have to serve at least half the sentence before she is eligible for parole.

Sheffield said there was not enough evidence to charge Boyett with intoxication manslaughter. In response to what he said were suggestions from citizens that he seek a possible murder charge, Sheffield told KFDM News there's no evidence to back that up.

"This is the legal justice we can give the Sterling family, not pretending to be able to give moral justice to this cause," Sheffield said.

Even after they're gone, the sisters are still bringing smiles to their friends' faces.

"They were always the kind of there kind of pulling people up instead of pushing them down," McCurley said.

"Now it's just kind of like you laugh and you find the energy to stop crying and remembering," Mount said.

Connely's best friend Brooke writes to KFDM News:

"Connely was my best friend of six years. We knew we would be the day we met. She was everything you look for in a good person, and she would have been a great mom. Her son, Tyson, would be around 4 months old now. We were all so excited to watch him grow, as well as to see her continue to grow as a beautiful mother. I have so many great memories with her. My favorite was Christmas Day of this past year; I had to work all day so she came up there that evening with dessert Dawn had made and stayed with me just talking together for hours so I wouldn't be alone. That's the kind of thing she would do for the people she loved. That's what I know people will remember about her. Now that she's gone I have a huge emptiness in my life. I miss the three of them all day everyday and the feeling will never go away."

J.P. Brad Burnett releases name of man whose body was found near Sea Rim

JEFFERSON COUNTY - Justice of the Peace Brad Burnett is releasing the name of a man whose body was found near Sea Rim State Park Saturday, October 18.

He's ordered an autopsy to determine the cause of death of Joseph Nedbalek, 22, of Pasadena.

Judge Burnett tells KFDM News the it's a possible drowning. He says there's no sign of foul play.

Protect yourself from identity theft

Here are some links that can help you protect yourself from identity theft.

Identity theft resources from the national Better Business Bureau websiteBetter Business

Bureau of Southeast Texas website

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