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Lamar PD : strong arm robbery by library

BEAUMONT -- The Lamar University Police Department is providing a crime alert for a strong armed robbery reported in front of the Lamar University Library.


LPD said a student reported being approached by two African-American males on bicycles Tuesday about 9:15 p.m., One of the suspects asked for the time, a suspects then struck the victim in the face with their fist. The victim reported the suspects stole his cellular phone and wallet.


The suspects were described as African-American males. The first suspect was described as approximately 5'8" tall, wearing a black hoodie, and dark colored pants. The second suspect was described as approximately 5'4" tall, wearing a black and white hoodie, and dark in color pants. Both suspects fled the area, traveling eastbound on bicycles.


Lamar Police offer the following safety tips:

  • Report suspicious people on or around campus to the Lamar Police immediately
  • Look around and be aware of your surroundings, call the Police if you feel you need a courtesy escort
  • Travel in large groups at night -do not travel alone at night.
  • Make a list of all your valuables, to include serial numbers and pictures. Providing this list to police will help with recovering your items
  • If approached by suspicious subjects, avoid contact and quickly proceed to an area with more people around. Call Lamar Police immediately.


If you have any further information about this crime, please contact the Lamar University Police Department immediately at 409-880-8307. Lamar University Police are conducting the criminal investigation at this time.

TPWD -- Wildlife encounters common after floods

AUSTIN (Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.) -- Things that live on the ground typically aren't adept at treading water for long. In the aftermath of flood events that have hammered much of the state recently, biologists with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department say encounters with various wildlife will not be uncommon.

According to the National Weather Service, during the month of May Texas received 35 trillion gallons of rain, enough to cover the entire state in eight inches of water.

"It is not uncommon for wildlife encounters to increase after flood events," says Andy Gluesenkamp, a herpetologist with TPWD. "People should be aware that snakes and other wildlife, including skunks and raccoons, may approach or enter yards and houses where they do not normally occur. Over time, displaced wildlife will return to their usual habitats."

Common sense precautions should be practiced; be aware that snakes and other animals may seek shelter in debris piles and caution should be used during cleanup efforts.

"A snake in the yard is not a cause for panic," he says. "They don't want to be there, either, and if left alone will usually leave on their own. You’re more likely to come upon a skunk, a mound of fire ants or a wasp nest in a brushpile than a venomous snake. If you do have an encounter with a problem snake, seek help from local animal control or licensed snake removal experts."

Recent storms also coincided with the time of year when newborn wildlife start showing up on the landscape. As flood waters recede, wildlife officials anticipate seeing more young wild animals unnecessarily being picked up by the general public and referred to game wardens or wildlife rehabilitators for treatment and rearing.

The most commonly referred animals are baby birds and deer fawns.  Recent flooding will likely increase the temporary displacement of these and other wildlife. The compulsion to help or investigate an animal that looks abandoned can be overwhelming, but interference could harm its chances of rejoining its caretaker. While most of these animals are picked up by well-meaning persons, it is important to realize that many such human-animal encounters are unnecessary and can even be detrimental to the wildlife concerned.

Tips and precautions about encounters with wildlife are available online at .

Flooding will cause some immediate impacts to nesting efforts of grassland bird species such as bobwhite quail and turkeys. But biologists indicate those species will still have time to re-nest and the species will capitalize on the overall improved health of the grasslands..

The good news, say wildlife officials, is that recent excessive rainfall is being viewed as a "drought buster&" event that is going to be fantastic for the health of many ecosystems and habitat-types across Texas. For instance, the state's bottomland hardwood forests will receive flood waters deep across the alluvial plains that deposit rich nutrients for lots of native vegetation. Coastal estuaries will get a much-needed flush of fresh water, soil, and nutrients, which will help sport fisheries.

TPWD wildlife biologists remind private landowners across the state of federal farm program benefits through the Texas Farm Service Agency that may be available to help eligible ranchers and farmers recover from recent heavy rains and flooding. For more information on disaster assistance programs and loans visit or contact your local FSA Office. To find your local FSA county office, visit

Remember, call 911 if you have an emergency, call 936-336-4500 ext 0 if you need assistance evacuating your neighborhood, and remember to make all planned moves during daylight hours. Our first responders would certainly appreciate it, working around a flooded river is very dangerous.

Trinity River levels mostly steady; slow fall expected

LIBERTY -The Liberty Emergency Management Office anticipates the Trinity River "will hold near the levels currently being experienced for the next several days, with the exception of Moss Bluff which will experience a small increase to approx. 2.8 feet above flood stage."

In an update on the river situation, the office sayd  the current release from the Lake Livingston Dam REMAINS at 68,200 cubic feet per second. The lake level is estimated at 131.55 


Trinity River Levels:

  • Romayor: 37.02  and slowly falling
  • Liberty: 29.86 and stable ( 3.8 feet above flood stage)
  • Moss Bluff:14.86  ( 2.6 feet above flood stage) slow rise expected to 15 feet


The  Trinity River Authority is monitoring the water entering Lake Livingston from upstream.


Residents that wish to report flooding in their homes are ask to call the office at 936-334-3219.


Emergency Coordinator Tom Branch said "FEMA has not declared our area eligible for federal assistance as we are still working to assess damages and with most subdivisions still cut off by flood waters, it will take some time to determine if Liberty County has suffered enough damage to receive federal aid. Residents can still pre-register with FEMA by calling 1-800-621-3362. FEMA will contact those that register IF Liberty County is included in the presidential disaster proclamation."


Residents needing a shelter can take refuge at the Red Cross shelter located at 318 San Jacinto Street in Liberty. Nine people stayed at the shelter on Tuesday night.


Remember, call 911 if you have an emergency, call 936-336-4500 ext 0 if you need assistance evacuating your neighborhood, and remember to make all planned moves during daylight hours.  Our first responders would certainly appreciate it, working around a flooded river is very dangerous.


Updates as conditions warrant.

New details on man accused of beating to death toddler
KJAS -- New details are emerging in the case of a former Jasper man who is accused of the beating death of a Jasper toddler. Now, police say he is also accused of burning another child, both of whom are said to be his own children.

Investigators say he wrapped the burned child in a blanket and stuffed him under a chair in a hospital waiting room and abandoned him there, and a police officer found him later when he heard the child crying.

Anthony Trakemon Powell, 24, who now lives in Houston, is being held in the Harris County Jail. He has been charged with capital murder of a child less than 6 years of age, with bond set at $250,000.00, and also motion to revoke parole, with bond denied on that charge.

Powell is charged with the beating death of 3-year-old Tristan Jace “T.J.” Powell, whose mother is Jade Tukes. Powell is also accused of severely burning 2-year-old Cam Powell, whose mother is Canishia Payne. Both women are also from Jasper.

Meanwhile, police have also arrested Anthony Powell’s sister, 23-year-old Prosha Nicole Land, also a former Jasper resident who now lives in Houston. Investigators say Powell was living in her Houston apartment, and it was there that the alleged crimes occurred.

Prosecutors contend that Land allowed the alleged abuse to occur in her apartment, without reporting the crimes to police.

According to the Harris County Jail’s online public records website, Land was charged this week with two counts of injury to a child-serious bodily injury, and her bond is set at a combined total of $260,000.00. Prosecutors say more charges are expected as she has another court appearance scheduled for Wednesday.

Prosecutor Connie Spence of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office addressed the court on Tuesday and told the judge Cam Powell “was found wrapped in a blanket, somewhat like a burrito, in the waiting room of Texas Children’s Hospital”.

Cam Powell is said to be improving, but still undergoing treatment for his burn injuries. Meanwhile, services for T.J. Powell are pending at Robinson Community Funeral Home of Jasper.

This story comes to us through our media partnership with KJAS Radio in Jasper.

Family, community mourns death of Jasper toddler

JASPER COUNTY- Jessica Crawford

Houston Police Officers say a Jasper toddler was killed Sunday when his father, Anthony Powell, 24, beat him because he didn't respond well to potty training.

"We do tend to see a lot of abuse take place during potty training years," says Lamar University Child Development Professor Margaret Swope. "I was sadded to hear that that happened."

The family of 3-year-old Tristan Tukes shared some photos of the toddler with us, and says they need prayers during this difficult time.

Houston Police say Powell repeatedly beat Tukes with his hand and a belt.

Officers say an aunt who witnesses the abuse eventually took Tukes to a hospital where he died.

"Sad for it to happen anywhere but for it to happen in your county or in your town, it's like losing part of our family," says Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman.

Houston officers say the child's mother wanted the father to "know him better." Sheriff Newman says tragedy can happen at any time.

"She didn't any idea something like this was going to take place. Nobody did," says Sheriff Newman. "I hope he (the father) gets everything that's coming to him. I hope he gets all the law allows for him to get."

Swope says hurting a child is never the right answer, and discipline shouldn't be deadly.

"If they do not feel loved, or safe, or secure, they will not be able to thrive in that environment," she says.

Swope says parenting tips can be found on the American Academy of Pediatrics website.

Orange County warns of rising waters along Neches River

by Lauren Huet

ORANGE COUNTY - The Orange County Emergency Management Coordinator is preparing an advisory to the residents living in the Four Oaks Ranch Road area in northwest Vidor along the Neches River.


Emergency Management Coordinator Ryan Peabody says some neighborhoods already have a couple  feet of water on the roads. He's concerned if the water level rises over the next 48 to 72 hours, those families will want to evacuate.


Peabody says they have notified Emergency Services District 1 and the Orange County Sheriff's Office. He tells KFDM the sheriff's office will help people evacuate those who do not have the means from the area Tuesday.  He said flood waters should recede slowly over the next five days.


Peabody says there's been a lot of flooding in Jasper and Newton County, and dams, levees, and water containment systems in the area are full. He says officials are opening the Rayburn Dam to release some of that water. As a result, water will rise along the Neches River in Orange County.


He says Orange County Judge Brint Carlton has been closely monitoring the situation and his office will be issuing an advisory

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