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BISD board to discuss two high-ranking positions
BEAUMONT - The Beaumont school district will meet next week to discuss the future of two high-ranking positions at the district.

On Thursday, the board of managers will talk about the duties of the superintendent Vern Butler and the interim police chief David Hall.

The board will also talk about student performance, a forensic audit and administrative staffing.

The new managers have said a forensic audit will help them learn if there is missing money and perhaps help the district recover money.

Early voting has ended
KFDM News - Early voting has ended. If you haven't voted, you can cast your ballot on Election Day -- Nov. 4.

So far, more than 33,000 people in Jefferson County have cast ballots. That includes more than 3,700 mail-in ballots.

In Orange County, nearly 9,000 people voted early. That includes about 1,400 mail-in ballots.

(Those figures may have changed by the times polls closed Friday).

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Candidates for Texas Congressional District 14 discuss issues


The last day of early voting ended Friday evening. If you didn't vote, you'll have the opportunity on election day Tuesday. Incumbent Republican Congressman Randy Weber is running for re-election in District 14, which includes Jefferson County, Brazoria County, and Galveston County. Democratic candidate Don Brown is challenging him.

Congressman Randy Weber is running for re-election. He's on the House Committee of Foreign Affairs, and believes the Islamic state group ISIS, or ISIL, is a threat to national security.

"Absolutely, they say that they intend to come over here. Of course, they've executed two Americans, a couple other citizens now," said Congressman Weber. "We've got a porous southern border, I was vice chairmen of the borders committee in the Texas legislature, I know what the border is like."

Weber says Texas needs a secure border.

"ISIL can come across, they can get into Mexico, they can come across our southern border," said Weber. "Homeland Security, CIA, FBI and some of those agencies have publicly stated they're quite sure that there already are cells in America, sleeper cells, if you want to call it that. So, we have got to get a secure border."

"In my district, we've been around, we've talked to a lot of constituents, and our American constituents in this district 14 want us to fight ISIS or ISIL over there, not over here," said Weber.

Weber says he believes the U.S. should build a coalition of communities in the Middle East, and if the U.S. sends troops, President Obama should "un-handcuff the American military."

"If we are going to go over there shock and awe need to be the order of the day," said Weber. "We ought to eradicate the roach pile, and I get it, the roaches are going to scatter. They're going to come back. That's where the communities in the neighborhood [Middle East], they'll be the exit strategy. That's number four. Our exit strategy is leave them in charge and when [ISIS] come back they can handle them one by one."

Weber is also on the global health subcommittee.

"We sent a letter saying Mr. President, stop the flights from the Ebola ridden countries," said Weber. The CDC director even went so far as to say, that if we do that we are going to negatively impact their economies. I'm sorry, I'm not concerned about those foreign countries' economies. I'm concerned about Americans."

Weber lives in Friendswood in District 14. His opponent Don Brown lives in Vidor, just outside the congressional district.

"I think Washington is broken," said Brown. "I believe that one party, well actually both parties have lost their sight, which is to govern for the people."

Brown is running as the Democratic candidate.

"Instead we've become a society where rich people can buy an election," said Brown, "and I'm just a regular guy that's decided it's time that we put American people, instead of American corporations and profits, first."

He supports a path to citizenship for people who have been in the country more than ten years.

"With immigration, I believe we should go back to the way that immigration was before the 20th century," said Brown. "Which was if you got here, you kept your nose clean, and you worked hard you were an American citizen."

Brown believes the U.S. should provide aid to countries in Central and Southern America, to help stem the flow of undocumented immigrants across the border.

"We need to help work with our neighbors to the north and south to make sure that their situations in those countries are not bad enough that you would put a child on a train that you know has killed adults," said Brown.

As for ISIS, Brown says we should support those who are already fighting the group.

"I believe that we should not put American treasure in harms way in a country that does not have a direct national security threat to the American people," said Brown. "However, I believe that we should encourage our allies, our friends, and the people that we sell military equipment to to make sure that they protect and defend their own borders."

He also has a plan to help reduce unemployment.

"A blighted community would receive grants from the state or the federal government that would help the employers be able to hire these people to come in and work," said Brown.

Two candidates facing off in Tuesday's election.

Jacoby Moore convicted of manslaughter, aggravated assault

BEAUMONT, Texas -- Jacoby Moore, 28, of Beaumont has been found guilty of aggravated assault and manslaughter by a Jefferson County jury. 

The punishment phase of the trial is now underway.  

Moore faces 2 to 20 years in prison on each count.Criminal District Attorney Cory Crenshaw said .

Williams was found guilty for shooting Lorenzo Simon in the foot at a home in Beaumont, and then fatally shooting Simon again later that same evening on February 27, 2013.  The trial was held in the Criminal District Court, Judge John Stevens presiding.  

According to testimony, in the late evening of February 27, 2013, Moore and Simon were both at a family gathering where an argument arose between them over money which resulted in Moore shooting Simon in the foot.  Simon left the gathering and walked to his home to retrieve his firearm and returned to where Moore was.

 Moore got word that Simon was returning to the area with a firearm, so Moore then went and retrieved his rifle and laid in wait on Simon’s return, according to testimony.

When Moore spotted Simon near his home, he shot Simon which resulted in Simon’s death.  

The trial in the Criminal District Court was heard by a jury over the course of five days, handing up their guilty verdict earlier this afternoon.  Assistant Criminal District Attorney Bobby Ortego prosecuted the case working from an investigative case file put together by the Beaumont Police Department.

Puppy rescued from burning apartment

ORANGE - Firefighters in Orange rescued a puppy from a burning apartment and saved its life.

Watch KFDM News at 5, 6 and 10 and stay with for updates.

They found the lab mix puppy while responding to an apartment fire Friday morning in the 3800 block of Meeks Drive.

They found the dog in the burning apartment and arrived just in time to save its life.

A police officer in Orange provided the picture to KFDM News.

BISD board to talk about superintendent, interim police chief

BEAUMONT - The Beaumont ISD Board of Managers is scheduled to talk about the Superintendent and Interim Police Chief during the upcoming meeting Thursday.

The agenda indicates in a closed session the board will deliberate regarding the duties of a public officer or employee, including but not limited to, the superintendent and interim police chief.

The Board of Managers is also scheduled to hold a workshop on team building/preparing for the superintendent search, presentation of a district-wide student performance plan for 2014-2015, and a forensic audit, superintendent search and administrative staffing.


TxDOT funds Forrest Drive sidewalks, Candlestick turn lane in Lumberton

Funding for two Lumberton projects was approved today by the Texas Transportation Commission. 3I Construction, LLC and APAC-Texas, Inc. were awarded the contracts that total more than $580,000.  

3I Construction, LLC will construct sidewalks on each side of Forrest Drive from US69 to West Chance Rd. While APAC-Texas, Inc. will install a right turn lane from Candlestick onto FM3513.   

“These are both great projects that we’ve been working closely on with our local metropolitan planning organization,” said Tucker Ferguson, TxDOT district engineer for the Beaumont District. “They’ll improve mobility and make the two areas safer.”

Construction is expected to begin for both projects in early 2015. 

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