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Some of the stories that we are working on for 10 p.m. on KFDM 6 News Tonight:

- How the release of 6,000 drug offenders could affect Southeast Texas.
- Plus, a new way to pay for goods and services. The only thing you'll need to check out at the store.
- And, as the Syrian refugee crisis grows so do concerns of terrorism. How new worries over radicalization are slowing down the asylum process.
- Plus, there's new hope for lung disease patients.
- And, get your weekend forecast.
- Those stories and more at 10 p.m

6000 drug offenders to be released from federal prisons

TEXAS- Jessica Crawford

The Department of Justice has confirmed the release of 6,000 drug offenders.

Last year, the US Sentencing Commission reduced sentencing guideline levels  for federal drug trafficking offenders.

"Six thousand people, six hundred in the state of Texas, you're telling me," says Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham. "They're letting out a large number of people."

The release will take place between late October and early November.

"Most of the cases in the federal courts are major drug transactions," says Wortham.

According to The Commission, no offender will be released unless a judge finds they're not a threat to public safety.

Deputy Marcus McLellan made arrests in drug crimes as a patrol officer.

"Some of them may see it as a second chance, others may see it as a free pass to go back to the life they were in," says McLellan.

Wortham says some smaller cases may have made it to federal courts.

"I'll be the first one to tell you, yes there are some people that probably got more time, and they're very passive, they were minimal, small drug dealers that got caught up in a big bust," he says.

The released inmates who aren't US citizens will be turned over to US Immigration Custom Enforcement officials.

There will be more releases in the future. The Commission says the reduced sentences could lower the federal prison population over time.

"Overcrowding can be a problem, but you have to be very selective of the people you release," says Wortham. "You can't paint it with a big wide brush. You need an artist brush where you dot the I's and cross the T's."

Wortham says it's important for the country to invest in the rehabilitation of the drug offenders it's releasing.

"If we keep them from being addicted, we cure them, they go back into the system and are productive," he says. "Now they have an opportunity to be successful, to be productive, to be a good husband, to be a good father, to be a good neighbor in our community."



Man attacks couple with machete in Hardin County


Hardin County- Ashley DeVriend

Investigators say Rolando Calderilla broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house on Wingfield Drive in Hardin County early Friday morning.

The woman was asleep with her boyfriend.

"Assaulting someone with a machete... you're escalating to the extreme for the use of a weapon,” Detective Sgt. Dennis Allen from the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office said.

Rolando Calderilla struck the man several times with a machete.

"Assaulting someone with a machete... you're escalating to the extreme for the use of a weapon,” Detective Sgt. Allen said.

The woman tried grabbing the weapon thinking it was a baseball bat, resulting in cuts in her hands. The man suffered cuts to his face, chest, stomach, back and hands.

Detective Sgt. Allen says the suspect has a very high intent to inflict serious bodily injury or possibly death.

The victims were able to lock Calderilla out and call 911. They were then taken to Christus St. Elizabeth hospital.

"They are extremely lucky considering the gravity of the instrument, the weapon, that was used and obviously the mindset of the offender when he went to the residence,” Detective Sgt. Allen said.


The suspect then drove off, made it three quarters of a mile down Wingfield Drive, lost control of the vehicle, then fled on foot. Hardin County Sheriff’s Deputies found Calerilla and arrested him.

Neighbors like Mike Holcomb woke up this morning because of the incident.

I don't like it going on but at this point in time there's nothing I can do to change it, or anybody as far as that goes its done. Just luckily, nobody got hurt real bad," Holcomb said.

TXDOT: All lanes open on I-10 following 18-wheeler accident
TRAFFIC ALERT : UPDATE -- All lanes of the I-10 are now open.
A crash involving two 18 wheelers on I-10 eastbound at 11th street earlier tonight had  traffic on I-10 backed up.

Victims in North Arizona University shooting identified

Police have identified the victims of the shooting at Flagstaff campus of Northern Arizona University.

The student who was killed in the incident has been identified as Colin Brough, the Associated Press reported citing authorities. The three students who were injured have been identified as Nicholas Prato, Kyle Zientek and Nicholas Piring. The three are being treated at Flagstaff Medical Center, NAU said.

The suspect has been identified as 18-year-old Steven Jones, Chief Gregory T. Fowler of the Northern Arizona University Police said in a press conference. Jones is in police custody.

Initial calls reporting shots fired came in at 1:20 a.m. Arizona time, the school said in a statement.

Fowler explained that the individuals involved in the shooting had some sort of confrontation, but could not provide further details on what caused the incident. Local and university police are conducting the ongoing investigation into the incident.

The shooting took place in a parking lot outside a dorm, The Associated Press reported.

"The incident took place outside Mountain View Hall on the northeast end of the Flagstaff Campus," according to NAU. 

Mountain View Hall is "a dormitory which houses most of the campus' students involved in Greek organizations," ABC News reported.

CNN confirmed that some of the individuals involved in the shooting were members of the Delta Chi Fraternity. 

NAU's public relations director, Cindy Brown told CNN that there are about 20,000 students on the Flagstaff Campus and said that students were sent a series of alerts regarding the shooter situation.

The University has set up a family assistance center and set up a phone line for parents. Classes are expected to be held as usual on Friday, according to the University.

"The university called the shooting an 'isolated and unprecedented' incident," The Associated Press reported. 

Support services are being provided for members of the university community.

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