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"Baby Faith" mom found guilty on both counts of injury to child

BEAUMONT -- The jury in the trial Christine Johnson, mother of "Baby Faith" Mason, found her guilty of recklessly causing injury to child and knowingly by omission causing injury to child -- both counts on which she was charged.

At 10:30 am the jury will start punishment phase in Judge John Stevens' court.

Johnson could spend from 5-99 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine for the first-degree felony of  reckless injury to a child. On the second-degree felony conviction of  knowingly by omission causing injury to a child,  she could go to prison from 2-20 years and up to a $10,000 fine.

Breaking News: Woman's body found near Collier's Ferry Park

BEAUMONT - First responders have recovered the body of a woman they say may have drowned in the Neches River near Collier's Ferry Park in Beaumont, according to Capt. Brad Penisson with the Beaumont Fire Department.

The search resumed at about 7:45 a.m. Friday and the body was recovered at about 8:30.

Someone called 911 at about 3 p.m. Thursday to report a drowning at the end of Pine street at the Neches River.

First responders day a 62-year-old woman was reportedly swimming in the river with her husband when she went under and did not come back up.

Beaumont Fire Rescue divers began searching the river while Beaumont police officers checked the area.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's office and Texas Parks and Wildlife used boats to check the area.

The search was suspended Thursday night due to darkness and resumed in the morning.  

Funeral procession for slain trooper

LAKE CHARLES, LA – From Louisiana State Police

Following the tragic line of duty death of 44-year-old Louisiana State Police veteran Senior Trooper Steven Vincent, the route of the upcoming funeral procession is as follows:

-From our Lady Queen of Heaven Church, the procession will turn left onto Lake Street and travel 1 mile south to West McNeese Street.

-The procession will turn left onto West McNeese Street and travel east 6.2 miles to Louisiana Highway 397.

-The procession will turn left onto Louisiana Highway 397 and travel 3.9 miles north to US Highway 90.

-The procession will turn right onto US Highway 90 and travel 12.6 miles east to Ann Street in Lacassine, Louisiana.

-The procession will turn left onto Ann Street and travel north a short distance to the cemetery on the right.

Individuals are encouraged to line the procession route.  The McNeese University Football Stadium parking lot along McNeese Street is a recommended gathering point due to plentiful parking.

Funeral and memorial service arrangements are as follows:

-Visitation on Friday, August 28, 2015, will take place from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Lake Charles Civic Center Rosa Hart Theater located at 900 Lakeshore Drive in Lake Charles.

-Visitation on Saturday, August 29, 2015, will take place from 08:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. at Johnson Funeral Home located at 4321 Lake Street in Lake Charles.

-The funeral will take place on Saturday, August 29, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Church located at 3939 Lake Street, Lake Charles, LA 70605 with burial to follow at the Lacassine Cemetery on Ann Street at US Highway 90 (East of LA 101) in Lacassine.  

Discovery of man's body in Starks leads to homicide investigation

STARKS, LA. - From Calcasieu Parish S.O.

This morning about 10:00 the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office received a call in reference to a hunter finding a body in the woods near the Calcasieu/Beauregard line off of Old River Road in Starks.

The body has been identified as Jody L. Barlow, 33, from Starks.  The investigation has revealed Barlow received trauma to his body so his death is being ruled a homicide.  The cause and manner of death are pending the coroner’s investigation.

When deputies received the call from the hunter reporting the discovery of a body, Barlow’s wife was at a Sheriff’s Office law enforcement center filing a missing person’s report on her husband.

The investigation is continuing with all leads being followed.

CPSO Detective Sgt. Brent Young and Detective Sgt. Lance Melendy are the lead investigators on this case.

Search suspended for possible drowning victim

BEAUMONT - Divers will resume their search Friday morning for a possible drowning victim in the Neches River near Collier's Ferry.

First responders received a call shortly before 3 p.m. Thursday reporting a drowning at the end of Pine Street at the Neches River.

A 62-year-old woman was reportedly swimming in the river with her husband when she went under and did not resurface.

Beaumont Fire Rescue divers began searching the river while Beaumont police officers checked the area.

First responders with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office and Texas Parks and Wildlife used boats to check the area.

The search has been suspended Thursday night due to darkness and will resume in the morning.

Jury to continue deliberations Friday morning


Jury deliberations began late afternoon Thursday in the trial of Christine Johnson, Faith "Baby Faith" Mason's mother.

They will continue Friday morning.

Investigators say Johnson played a role in life-threatening injuries the child received in 2013.

The defense, led by attorney Ryan Matuska, called five witnesses to the stand.

He also called an expert witness to the stand for a hearing.

Witnesses for the defense agreed that Johnson wasn't a violent person.

In testimony, she was described as a "good kid" and a "big follower" with the demeanor of a "mannequin."

Expert witness Seth Silverman, M.D., whose testimony was disallowed in this phase of the trial, described Johnson as "unsophisticated" with a "long history of mental retardation."

In closing arguments, Matuska mentioned Darrell Mason, the child's father, was the person who would wrap the baby tightly into a blanket and hide her from others.

In the state's closing arguments, they said Faith was a victim of "rage." They added "we have to stand up for her because she literally can't stand up."

View Jessica Crawford's tweets from the start of the trial below:

Voir dire to begin in Christine Johnson trial (mother of Baby Faith), rejects plea of 35 years @kfdmnews @fox4beaumontx4beaumont
Johnson to be tried on 2 counts of injury to a child, commission and omission @kfdmnews @fox4beaumont
Judge John Stevens courtroom fills with potential jurors in Christine Johnson (mother of Baby Faith) case @kfdmnews @fox4beaumont
Judge Stevens talks "publicity" of Baby Faith injuries, tells potential jurors they have to "put aside what they've heard or seen" @kfdmnews
If "injury to child" determined as 1st degree felony: 5-99 years, if 2nd degree felony: 2-20 years, probation also possible @kfdmnews
Majority of potential jurors raise hands when asked if they heard about Baby Faith in the news @kfdmnews @fox4beaumont
When addressing potential jurors, prosecutor Knauth addresses a "violent crime problem" in Beaumont. He says he's "embarrassed." @kfdmnews
"Should we protect our children? Even when their parents don't wish us to?" Knauth to potential jurors. Resounding "yes" heard @kfdmnews
Knauth asks potential jurors for example of bodily injury to a child <14 yrs. potential juror says "when you shake em real hard." @kfdmnews
"If you're striking a child out of anger, is that really discipline?" -Knauth to potential jurors. resounding "no" heard @kfdmnews
Knauth begins questioning potential jurors in voir dire @kfdmnews
Trial could take "all week" - Knauth to potential jurors @kfdmnews
Defense attorney Matuska questions potential jurors @kfdmnews
Prosecutors must prove guilt "beyond a reasonable doubt" for jurors to convict. Defense lawyer says that's a "non definition" @kfdmnews
Voir dire has completed. Prosecutors and lawyers now choosing who they want as jurors. @kfdmnews
Court temporarily dismissed as prosecutors and defense make their jury selection @kfdmnews
Jurors announced for Christine Johnson (mother of Baby Faith) trial. @kfdmnews
11 men and 1 woman chosen @kfdmnews
Jurors told not to watch or listen to media concerning the case @kfdmnews trial to resume tomorrow at 9:30
@kfdmnews live tweeting of Christine Johnson (mother of Baby Faith) trial starts now @fox4beaumont @Tvsoto
@kfdmnews Johnson pleads not guilty to two counts of injury to a child (commission and omission)
@kfdmnews Prosecutors first witness not available today, Knauth tells jury Baby Faith's "story"
"Christine Johnson (mom) and Darrell Mason (dad) may or may not be cousins" - Prosecutor Knauth @kfdmnews
Knauth says Johnson and Mason would wrap Baby Faith in a blanket and didn't let anyone have any access to her @kfdmnews
Knauth: Johnson's friend (first witness) saw Faith's arm bend the wrong way, wanted to take baby to hospital but Johnson tried to stop her
Knauth: Johnson told CPS she jerked the baby because she woke her up, changed story many times @kfdmnews
Knauth: Johnson didn't appear upset until officers said "if Faith dies, it will be capital murder." @kfdmnews
Knauth about Baby Faith: "she will never ever be normal." @kfdmnews
Defense (Matuska): injuries took place between Aug 1 and Aug 17, says all not "as it seems," child spent time with many people @kfdmnews
witness Linda Fields, Johnsons aunt called to stand to stand @kfdmnews
Prosecutor introduces pictures of Faith Mason's medical treatment, 533 page record of Faith's treatment at Christus @kfdmnews
Knauth to Linda: did you tell detective on you saw Faith had a bruise on her left leg? Linda: heard about bruise from someone else @kfdmnews
Knauth to Linda: did you tell officers to throw your statement away? Linda: I signed it before I read it but it was wrong @kfdmnews
Linda: Darrell Mason "a little nervous" at hospital @kfdmnews
Knauth to Linda: "did you tell Detective Otis you didn't want your neice to go to jail?" @kfdmnews
Knauth to Linda: "Did you tell Christine to come clean and quit covering it up?" Linda: "No" @kfdmnews
Knauth to Linda: "Do you think you've been a good family member to her (Faith) today?" Linda: "yes" @kfdmnews
Linda: Other kids in the family often played with Faith, many family members visited apartment around time of Faith's injuries @kfdmnews
1/2 Prosecutor requests hearing when defense asks Linda about Johnson's past and income... @kfdmnews
Defense says questioning was to show Johnson's life changes, new people in her life, says relevant to understand Faith injuries @kfdmnews
Linda says Darrell Mason was once left alone with baby @kfdmnews
Linda says Johnson fed, changed diapers, for baby. Says she never saw anyone else change diapers @kfdmnews
Linda says her own rights to 6 of her kids were terminated in 2013. Recognized person in court as the woman who "took her kids" @kfdmnews
Knauth asked if Linda hid a man who molested her child in her house at one point @kfdmnews
Prosecutor asks Linda why she tested positive for cocaine if she's pregnant. Linda says she doesn't rember testing positive @kfdmnews
1/2 Linda says she saw Darrell Mason do drugs, says that's why she didn't want him around the baby... @kfdmnews
2/2 Linda says says that's why she didn't want him around the baby, 'his eyes would be low and he would have a funny walk' @kfdmnews
Court takes recess @kfdmnews
Next witness- RN at St. Mary's- calls Faith's injuries "one of the worst young patients with the worst injuries." @kfdmnews
RN: "relatively calm" relative brought baby to hospital. Baby sick enough a "team" needed to work on her, arm 'obviously broken' @kfdmnews
RN: "the upper part of the leg is almost hard to look at" - talking about Faith's injuries, says knee is displaced @kfdmnews
Prosecutors show picture of displaced knee, RN agrees no medical training is needed to notice something's wrong @kfdmnews
RN: "bleeding in brain" "we worried... She could drown on vomit..." @kfdmnews
RN on Johnson: she was very quiet... To the point of not answering any questions.. I just received stares.. No information at all @kfdmnews
RN: lady with speech impediment texted notes on her phone and showed them to nurses at hospital Baby Faith was at @kfdmnews
RN Daniel Carey done testifying, RN Angela Webb called as next witness @kfdmnews
Webb agrees working with Baby Faith was an "emotional experience" when prosecutor asks @kfdmnews
1/2 Webb: "She was twitching, her eyes and her body was twitching.. Her left arm was broken, her femur was broken... @kfdmnews
2/2 Webb: "everytime I would try grab something (on Faith's body) it was broken" agrees is "absolutely" worst thing she's seen @kfdmnews
RN Webb becomes emotional in describing baby's injuries @kfdmnews
1/2 RN: "I said what happened to this child (to Johnson) .. I said 'lie to me, tell me she fell off the bed' @kfdmnews
RN Webb: (to Johnson) .. I said 'lie to me, tell me she fell off the bed' And you just sat there and watched." @kfdmnews
RN Webb: "like Pixie sticks, it's cracking, everything is cracking..." - describing Faith's body @kfdmnews
RN Webb: "I didn't even know what was not fractured, there was so much." had to call TX Childrens hospital @kfdmnews
RN Webb: TX Children's flew in doctor just to care for Baby Faith @kfdmnews
RN Webb begins to cry as she looks at pictures of Baby Faith's injuries @kfdmnews
Prosecutor says "I'm sorry" as he continues to show Webb pictures of the injuries @kfdmnews
Large black bruise shown on Baby Faith's coccyx @kfdmnews
Next witness.. Dr. Peter Evans called to the stand @kfdmnews
Dr. Peter Evans ER Medical Director at St. Mary's, said "oh my God" when first saw Faith's injuries "obvious case of child abuse" @kfdmnews
Evans: "the very first thing I saw was the femur... It was completely deformed, it was c-shaped" @kfdmnews
Evans: "did she fall? Was it a car wreck? What happened?" @kfdmnews
Evans: "I tried to ask a question and did not get a clear cut answer"...someone told him "child was kicked by the father." @kfdmnews
Evans: Johnson was "very nonchalant" two women with her treating her "very upset" "pulling her to the side" @kfdmnews
Evans: Johnson would have been more emotional if she was really concerned @kfdmnews
Evans: "if she had waited another 6 hours or so that child would probably be dead." @kfdmnews
Evans: delay in seeking medical attention was "absolutely" a factor for Baby Faith @kfdmnews
Baby Faith Mason's leg. Dr. Evans said "oh my God" when he saw it @kfdmnews
Injuries to Baby Faith Mason's face @kfdmnews
Baby Faith Mason receiving treatment before being flown to Texas Children's @kfdmnews
CPS worker Tisha Francis 5th witness, worked on Baby Faith case, says child's "right eye was twitching and swollen" in hospital. @kfdmnews
Francis: Johnson and sister got in argument about what happened to baby's arm. @kfdmnews
Francis: Johnson said large black bruise on baby's bottom was a diaper rash, agrees Johnson changed story @kfdmnews
Francis: agrees Johnson "jerked" baby because she woke her up and she was mad @kfdmnews Johnson says jerk didnt cause injuries
Francis agrees Johnson gave a "defensive" explanation of Baby Faith injuries @kfdmnews
Francis: CPS filed to remove Faith from Johnson's care @kfdmnews
Francis: CPS went to pick up Johnson for a court hearing for Faith, Johnson said she needed to buy new clothes, missed the hearing @kfdmnews
PAPD Officer Illiana Jaquez is the 6th witness. Jaquez says Johnson was "emotionless" when asked what happened to Faith. @kfdmnews
Defense objected to officer's testimony but judge over ruled @kfdmnews
Officer testimony completed, trial will resume tomorrow @kfdmnews
Live tweeting of Christine Johnson's (Baby Faith's mother) trial begins now @kfdmnews
7th witness Angel Fields called to the stand. @kfdmnews she's a witness for the state.
Angel Fields is cousin of Johnson @kfdmnews
Angel Fields (AF) becomes emotional when prosecutor asks if she loves Johnson. She cries and says "very much." @kfdmnews
AF: when visiting Linda's apt, where Faith lived, she heard the baby making a noise while Darrell Mason held her @kfdmnews
Prosecutor gives AF doll, blanket. Tells her to show how tight Faith was wrapped in blanket. Prosecutor says swaddle is "tight" @kfdmnews
AF: baby felt "weak" when she held her. Says child was "gasping for air." agrees child's eye was twitching, arm "purple looking" @kfdmnews
AF: asked what was wrong with child, Johnson said "give me my baby." Agrees mother said "I don't know." @kfdmnews
AF: told Johnson "no" when Johnson said "give me my baby" AF agrees she said Johnson will not get her and Johnson will go to jail @kfdmnews
AF: Johnson (J) was just quiet. AF said she would bring Faith to the hospital. AF said she would "calls the laws on y'all" @kfdmnews
AF: J says Faith's arm was purple because of a "bite," AF says of J: "she was afraid of him (Darrell) all her cash went to (him) @kfdmnews
AF agrees J didn't want the child to go to the hospital @kfdmnews
AF agrees she had to plead and beg to take Faith to the hospital, agrees she said they were "crazy" not to take baby to hospital @kfdmnews
AF says on the way to the hospital she prayed with baby, told her "everything is going to be ok and you will not die." @kfdmnews
AF says she went straight to the "back" when she went to ER, bypassed front desk to baby help @kfdmnews
AF says apartment was last time she heard a sound from baby @kfdmnews
AF: doctor asked Christine what was wrong with baby, "she didn't say nothing" @kfdmnews
AF: "I couldn't talk at all. Just cry." @kfdmnews
Prosecutor (Knauth) says AF has speech impediment, at some points couldn't talk while at the hospital @kfdmnews
AF agrees J looked like she "didn't care" at hospital @kfdmnews
AF: "he (Darrell) was like, angry" at the apartment before she took the baby to the hospital @kfdmnews
AF: says blanket Darrell had baby in was "too tight" didn't see him again that night after hospital, not surprised @kfdmnews
AF: "I don't know who hurt the baby. I was not there" @kfdmnews
AF about J: "She is slow" @kfdmnews
AF about J: "she has the mind of a twelve year old" @kfdmnews
AF: "He (Darrell) her (J) boss. It seems." @kfdmnews
AF: "he (Darrell) walked off" "he ain't care" when they took the baby to the hospital @kfdmnews
Judge Stevens: Johnson diagnosed as "no significant current mental illness or mental disorder" Johnson is "competent" @kfdmnews
Judge wants attorneys to stop asking witness questions that contradict what doctors established about the defendants mental state @kfdmnews
Defense: "She (J) can't appreciate the consequences of her actions" @kfdmnews
Defense asks if J failed 12th grade at Memorial High School several times, AF says yes @kfdmnews
AF: J was "staring and quiet" agrees she was unlike most people she met on a daily basis. @kfdmnews
AF about J: "she was always quiet." @kfdmnews
Court breaking until 1 pm @kfdmnews
8th witness to be Herbert Otis. He's a witness for the state @kfdmnews
Photo of baby doll prosecutors use to describe how Baby Faith was wrapped in blanket @kfdmnews
PAPD Detective Otis Herbert is the 8th witness on the stand @kfdmnews investigated injuries to Faith Mason
Otis: first spoke to mom at hospital, said she "didn't know" what caused injuries @kfdmnews
Otis: Linda said she saw J "jerk baby by the arms" baby had a "purple arm" she told mom "the baby is little and not a grown up" @kfdmnews
Otis agrees Linda said J would always wrap baby up and confirmed Linda said she wanted to be protective of J @kfdmnews
Otis agrees Linda said baby's body part was "so swollen it looked like it could pop" @kfdmnews
Otis says he mirandized J. He says during interrogation he "minimized" the crime so he could get the truth from her @kfdmnews
Otis agrees he took a statement from J 8/20/2013 @kfdmnews
Otis about J: "Nonchalant she was acting like nothing happened to her... It was like she just didn't care" @kfdmnews
Otis says "the only time she showed any emotions was when I informed her she could go to jail for a long time." @kfdmnews
Otis reads statement: J had to bring faith to doc bc her right ankle had swollen. Docs said it was a bite but she didnt follow up @kfdmnews
Statement: J wanted to take Faith to hospital and asked AF to give her the baby so it could be taken to hospital @kfdmnews
Statement: J says she and Darrell never got mad when baby cried, Darrell never hit baby @kfdmnews
Statement: J says when baby would cry she would say "don't cry baby" @kfdmnews
Prosecutor shows video of interrogation to jury @kfdmnews
Statement: J says she hopes whoever hurt the baby is found @kfdmnews
Video: J says she left her baby with her mom and after picking her up she saw the baby's arm change color @kfdmnews
Video: J says sister accused her of being a bad mom, J asked sister "who twisted her arm?" Otis asked "why'd you say twisted it?" @kfdmnews
Prosecutor asks Otis if that was the first time she heard of baby's arm being twisted, he said yes @kfdmnews
Video: J says baby "really couldn't cry because she couldn't breathe." @kfdmnews
Video: J says one day baby was accidentally hit in the head @kfdmnews
Video: J says baby's head was hit on bassinet accidentally, said "my bad faith" and then put her down @kfdmnews
Video: J says only person around when baby's leg was swollen was Darrell Mason @kfdmnews
Video: J asks Otis if you can injur a baby when you raise their legs up to change them @kfdmnews
Otis agrees he didn't believe the baby was "accidentally" hurt @kfdmnews
Video: Otis tells J one of his children was accidentally dropped on their head onto the concrete. Continues to ask interrogate.. @kfdmnews
Video: Otis tells J baby has fractured ribs, bleeding in brain @kfdmnews
1/2 Video, Otis to J: "sometimes we whoop em sometimes we shake em.. We get frustrated... @kfdmnews
2/2 Video, Otis to J: "My granddaughter got a whooping today... " Otis then asks J what happened @kfdmnews
Video: J asks Otis "does it count if you rock it real hard?" @kfdmnews
Video, Otis to J: "you're just learning... I can relate to you..." @kfdmnews
Video, Otis to J: "If your baby dies" could get capital murder, "I know you love your baby... Tell me everything." @kfdmnews
Video: J cries, says one morning she woke up mad, accidentally jerked baby but she meant to do it because she woke her up early @kfdmnews
Video: J shows how quickly she jerked baby by using a piece of paper.. Says "arm started getting worser after I did that." @kfdmnews
Video: prosecutor stops video to show that J yawned during interrogation @kfdmnews
Video: J shakes her head no when Otis asks if she spanked her, says Darrell doesn't wake up when baby cries @kfdmnews
Video: "every time she would breathe I would hear some kind of noise" -J talking about baby's ribs @kfdmnews
Video: J agrees she would sometimes shake baby by arms when rocking her @kfdmnews says Darrell would toss baby in air playing with her
Video: J says Darrell would grab baby by ribs and toss her in air "fast" @kfdmnews
Video: Otis asks J about baby's broken femur @kfdmnews
Otis: dates J's mother actually kept baby were inconsistent with what J said @kfdmnews
Defense (Matuska) begins to cross examine Otis @kfdmnews
Matuska asks Otis about when he said J could get capital murder if the baby dies, Matuska says J maybe cried at idea of baby dying @kfdmnews
Matuska asks if Otis ever took a pic of bassinet, Otis says no @kfdmnews
Matuska asks if Otis was being untruthful during interrogation @kfdmnews
Detective Herbert Otis excused. Next witness called to stand @kfdmnews
Dr. Reena Isaac, child abuse pediatrician for Texas Children's hospital 9th witness @kfdmnews
Prosecutor asks Isaac if she ever finds children who have been referred to her haven't been abused, she says it happened today @kfdmnews
Isaac: "She was in quite grave condition when I saw her in intensive care.. Tubes in almost every area of her body" @kfdmnews
Prosecutor has Isaac explain a picture of Faith hooked up to several tubes and medical equipment @kfdmnews
Baby Faith shown w splints on hand, broken fingers. Isaac agrees it's "highly indicative of child abuse" bc too young to use hand @kfdmnews
Isaac agrees she was "shocked" by case, even though she's seen "very, very dramatic cases of child abuse" bc of age of child @kfdmnews
Isaac: "very unique case" bc of child age and number of injuries. @kfdmnews
Isaac: "we would have expected a motor vehicle accident" with the injuries Baby Faith had @kfdmnews
Isaac: injuries pictured were not accidental @kfdmnews
Isaac: has PowerPoint w pic of generic skeleton of a baby. On pic, identified several areas in the skeleton where Faith was hurt @kfdmnews
Isaac: some injuries as old as 3 weeks in 5 week old baby @kfdmnews
Issac: injuries show baby was squeezed, may have been shaken, causing ribs to "pop and break" @kfdmnews
Isaac: it "takes greater force to cause fracture in infant body" than adult body bc infants have more flexible bones @kfdmnews
Prosecutor to Isaac: "was this a battered infant?" Isaac: "yes" Isaac agrees at one point she stopped counting injuries @kfdmnews
Isaac says she didn't think Baby Faith would make it @kfdmnews
Live tweeting in Christine Johnson's (mother of Baby Faith Mason) trial begins now @kfdmnews
A statute of a parent's responsibilities is introduduced into evidence by the state. @kfdmnews
Defense (Matuska) now calls their first witness to the stand, Chandra Allen (may need to update name spelling) @kfdmnews
Allen says she worked with J's step sister at Goodwill. @kfdmnews
Allen: Erronica Antoine (may need to update spelling) was J's step- sister but played a "motherly" role @kfdmnews
Allen: Johnson had no violent or aggressive issues, "a normal kid" a "big follower" @kfdmnews
Allen: Johnson became distant after she moved out of Antoine's house, would spmetimes keep in touch on facebook @kfdmnews
Allen: J was "always kind and friendly" "wanted to be a part of her blood family" missed stepmom Gay Melancon when she died @kfdmnews
Allen: because of J's demeanor, always joked she would be a "mannequin" when she grew up, says J was "loving" and "kind to dogs" @kfdmnews
Erronica Thomas is the defense second witness, is the step-sister of J, J referred to her as aunt @kfdmnews
Thomas: J moved in with her after Melancon died @kfdmnews
Thomas: was like big sister to J, when J still lived with Melancon, Thomas would visit and take them on outings @kfdmnews
Thomas of J: "she was a good kid" "a little distant" "struggled in school" struggled with "basic hygiene" @kfdmnews
Thomas of J: "she was picked on a lot" @kfdmnews
Thomas: would explain "life" and "how things go" to J, but she'd still struggle, "she would forget" "she wasn't angry." @kfdmnews
Thomas of J: "she would get irritated" and "she would get mad" at bullying but was a good kid @kfdmnews
Thomas of J: she's "a little delayed" @kfdmnews
Judge says whether J was "bullied" is hearsay @kfdmnews
Thomas of J: "you could just see something was different" @kfdmnews
Thomas: J lived with her from step moms death until age of 17, didn't have a job at the time, forgot to do chores @kfdmnews
Thomas: J moved out to move in with LaTonya Johnson, her biological mother. Agrees it "concerned" her @kfdmnews
Matuska passes witness, Prosecutor has no questions for her. Thomas dismissed conditionally. @kfdmnews
James Cotton, cousin of Johnson, is the defense's 3rd witness. Lives in Port Arthur @kfdmnews
Cotton: agrees J was "good kid" "quiet person" "keep to herself" @kfdmnews
Cotton: J "played with herself (alone)" with toys "kind of disengaged" "kinda would sit there. Kinda would stare." @kfdmnews

Cotton: J became distant when his grandma (Melancon) passed away. @kfdmnews
Cotton: "J "without a doubt" a nonviolent person @kfdmnews
Matuska passes witness, Prosecutor has no questions, Cotton dismissed @kfdmnews
Matuska calls fourth witness 13-yo Tanaisha Brown, sister of Johnson @kfdmnews
Brown: says she recalls seeing Crystal, Angel's mom's daughter, hit the baby and "pop her on the back" "real hard" @kfdmnews
Brown: saw Crystal "yank her arms" "jerked them" "real hard" @kfdmnews
Brown: told Crystal's mom on Crystal, but the mom said she was "just picking the baby up" @kfdmnews
Brown: didn't see J w the baby, saw Angel's daughter Keshawn messing w baby "hitting on her" but not hard "9 people" around baby @kfdmnews
Brown: "Angel's mom" in charge of baby but would just "sit on coach watching tv" @kfdmnews
Brown: didn't see Darrell or J hit the baby @kfdmnews
Matuska passes witness, Knauth starts questioning @kfdmnews
Knauth shows Brown her statement to Detective Otis @kfdmnews
Knauth says Brown never said Crystal hit the baby in her statement to police, also says she didn't mention Keshonda with baby @kfdmnews
Brown says Maya, Janae, Keshonda, Crsytal's mom, and Crystal were at the apartment with baby but J and Darrell weren't there @kfdmnews
Brown: Linda K brought baby to apartment @kfdmnews
Brown: she went with her mom to make a statement, hand wrote a statement to Luther Fields, lawyer recorded her statement @kfdmnews
Brown: Darrell said baby would pick up baby rough "it was in between. It was kind of rough but it wasn't rough at the same time" @kfdmnews
Brown: says at one point she was alone w Darrell and baby in a two story house @kfdmnews
Brown: has never been alone with Faith and only held her once @kfdmnews
Brown: Crystal grabbed Faith by arms and tried to burp her, but ain't said to hand baby to Brown @kfdmnews
Brown: says Faith was laid on the couch and started crying and Crystal yanked her up @kfdmnews
Knauth asks Brown if she loves J and doesn't want anything bad to happen to her. Brown says "yes sir" @kfdmnews
Brown in statement: only saw baby hurt when J was holding her. Leg "looked broken" scratch on arm, burnt look on face. @kfdmnews
Brown: J said Faith had scratched herself @kfdmnews
Knauth wants to see video of Brown's statement to Matuska @kfdmnews
Knauth wants to see Brown's statement to Matuska @kfdmnews
Matuska asks how old Brown was when she gave her statement. Brown replies 11 @kfdmnews
Mya Johnson is the defense's fifth witness @kfdmnews
Defense questions and passes Mya @kfdmnews
Mya: "I don't know how Faith's bones are broken"but I think "both of them" broke their bones. They "get high and act like a fool" @kfdmnews
Mya: J once "got high" took her clothes off, tried to go outside. Darrell spend more time with Faith, J once pulled Faith's hair @kfdmnews
past tweets about Maya were from her statement @kfdmnews
Maya: what she says today is more truthful than her statement bc she was upset w J then, didn't know about getting high @ the time @kfdmnews
Matuskato to use expert witness in hearing @kfdmnews
Defense calls Seth Silverman MD to stand @kfdmnews
Silverman interned a year in pediatrics, worked on children and adolescents, hired in child pornography cases as well @kfdmnews
Silverman: 50% of time spent in forensic psychology @kfdmnews
Silverman: interviewed J before, reviewed school and jail recors, talked to people who know her @kfdmnews
Silverman: concluded that J is competent @kfdmnews
Silverman: only one episode he is aware of. J was punched in the ace in jail and spent time in solitary @kfdmnews
Silverman: no record of her "hitting anybody or hurting anybody" and that's "a lot of records" @kfdmnews
Knauth: "I wonder what the defense is trying to offer..." in questioning doctor. Judge: "me too." @kfdmnews
Silverman: J being determined as "competent" "below average or borderline" was found by a test not certified by the state @kfdmnews
Silverman: "borderline" though process "generous" for Johnson. Doesn't understand things "unsophisticated" @kfdmnews
Silverman: J "in special Ed her entire school experience" identified at age 5, may have been brain damaged from 6-9 months old @kfdmnews
Silverman: J has "a long history of borderline mental retardation." "Has gotten along bc people have told her.. What to do" @kfdmnews
Silverman: J failed all 15 TAKS from 2009-12. In 3 scored lowered 1%.. "That is clearly retarded." @kfdmnews
Silverman: Darrell has greater understanding of people than "most people I know" "if you took 100 people hed be smartest n class" @kfdmnews
Silverman: J would date Darrell bc she needs someone to lead her @kfdmnews
Knauth: tells Silverman he needs all of his documents and research he's quoting @kfdmnews
Silverman: tests taken on J had "nothing to do with her sanity" @kfdmnews
In looking at J's failing TAKS scores, Knauth says teachers "don't think much" of the TAKS test @kfdmnews
Knauth: "there are a lot of people who do worse." Silverman: "you cant do worse than failing all 15 tests." @kfdmnews
Silverman: "she doesn't have the sophistication to understand the consequences of her behaviors" @kfdmnews
Matuska wants to bring co-defendant Darrell Mason to the stand, but judge says no bc it would be prejudicial @kfdmnews
Defense says Silverman's testimony should be admitted bc it helps reveal J's mental state @kfdmnews
Knauth says Silverman's testimony isn't relevant, calls it "soft science" @kfdmnews
Defense says Silverman's testimony is relevant, and the evidence is reliable. @kfdmnews
Knauth says Silverman didn't offer any "scientific theory" or technique @kfdmnews
Defense: Silverman is well qualified, information and theory is sound @kfdmnews
Judge: Silverman's testimony, which says Johnson is "unsophisticated" is disallowed in this phase of trial @kfdmnews
The defense and state rests their cases @kfdmnews
Defense and state to start closing arguments this afternoon @kfdmnews
Judge reads jury charge to jury @kfdmnews
Johnson charged w 2 counts of injury to child <14. Commission, omission. Jury also to decide if J "knew" 5-99 yrs or if "reckless" 2-20 yrs
Jury can also recommend probation @kfdmnews
@jcrawfordtv @kfdmnews
Jury has to make decision "beyond a reasonable doubt" @kfdmnews
Defense begins final arguments @kfdmnews
Defense: Johnson went twice with child to the doctor @kfdmnews
Defense: Johnson goes to hospital because of "ant bite" which was sprained ankle doctors say to go home @kfdmnews
Defense: "Who had baby wrapped tightly in blanket? Darrell Mason" "who acted like he was asleep." @kfdmnews
Defense: no witness testified to seeing Johnson hurt her baby @kfdmnews
Defense: "I don't know how the child survived" credits doctors who saved her @kfdmnews
Defense: Johnson has no history of knowing how to aggressively respond to someone @kfdmnews
Defense: there were multiple people around that child, not only Johnson and Darrell @kfdmnews
Defense: discusses "technique" Detective Otis used in questioning her @kfdmnews
Defense: when Johnson hears about a possible capital murder charge was the same time she hears about possibility of Faith dying @kfdmnews
Defense: for Johnson "emotionless" is a normal way to react, says Johnson can't even maintain hygiene alone @kfdmnews
Defense: this case is circumstantial. "Where is the direct evidence?" @kfdmnews
Defense: state "failed" at showing Johnson acted or meant to hurt baby @kfdmnews
Defense: admission in video shows only one act, they also don't know if that is the act that caused it @kfdmnews
Defense: Darrell has history of aggression, Johnson afraid of him, Angel called her "slow" @kfdmnews
Prosecutor "Faith is our baby... We have to stand up for her because she can literally not stand up." @kfdmnews
Prosecutor: they're trying to get you to look away from the facts @kfdmnews
Prosecutor starts laying pictures of Baby Faith in front of jurors @kfdmnews
Prosecutor: There is no witness saying they saw the injuries happen bc "No vicious coward does this in front of someone else!" @kfdmnews
Prosecutor emotional as she talks about baby @kfdmnews
Prosecutor says child became sedative dependent in hospital bc she always had to be down @kfdmnews
Prosecutor: Johnson kept baby in blanket so no one would see injuries @kfdmnews
Prosecutor on J being convinced to go into hospital: "if there was nothing to hide, why wouldn't you go?" @kfdmnews
Prosecutor says Johnson "minimized" what she did, but there's a "kernel of truth" in what she said @kfdmnews
Prosecutor: Johnson knows what she did bc she was taught to care for a baby at hospital, has worksheet about shaken baby syndrome @kfdmnews
Prosecutor about witness Linda: "we brought a liar into the courtroom" @kfdmnews
Prosecutor: highlights when Johnson said "she meant to" handle baby roughly bc she was mad @kfdmnews
Prosecutor: "I pray to God we did a good job for Faith" @kfdmnews
Prosecutor: Faith had a chance at a normal life but Johnson stood in the way, "strangers loved Faith more than her own mother" @kfdmnews
Prosecutor: "no one has fought for Faith up to today..." says "I'll be damned" if no one fights for her today @kfdmnews @kfdmnews
Prosecutor: "Her body was a carnage scene" "Faith was a victim of rage" @kfdmnews
Prosecutor: "a baby sleeps, eats, has dirty diapers and cries" on how Baby Faith caused "rage" @kfdmnews
Prosecutor: "I wish we had more mothers on the jury" Baby Faith is a "miracle" @kfdmnews
Prosecutor ends with Einstein quote on how everything should be treated as a miracle and that should start for Faith today @kfdmnews
Jury goes to deliberation room @kfdmnews


Jury in 'Baby Faith' case has retired for the night
UPDATE 2 -- Jury to resume deliberation at 8:30 in the morning in the "Baby Faith" case.
UPDATE -- The Jury in the Baby Faith case has entered into deliberations.
The original story: 
BEAUMONT -- The defense and the state have rested their cases in the trial of  "Baby" Faith Mason's mother, Christine Johnson.

Johnson is on trial for injuries investigators say the 1-month-old child received in 2013.

KFDM's Jessica Crawford is covering the trial and sent this update for the News at Noon.

The closing arguments in the case will begin this afternoon.

The defense called its final witnesses today in Judge John Steven's courtroom.

The defense used witnesses to talk about Johnson's mental capability and who was with the baby during the time the baby was injured, 

You can follow KFDM's Jessica Crawford's tweets from the trial on twitter.

If convicted, Johnson could face up to life in prison. The father also faces a charge in the case but he is not on trial.

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