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A dry weather pattern will continue for the next few days with below normal temperatures.  In fact, scattered frost can be expected Sunday morning over the Lakes Area.  A warming trend will begin early next week with a good coverage of showers and thunderstorms by the middle and later part of next week.



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KFDM 6 :: news - 6 On Health

6 On Health-A new device to help patients in need of a heart transplant

Patients who are in need of a heart transplant, but are unable to find a donor, may have new hope. Doctors are now using a new device that's helping patients. Check out Friday night's Six on Health Report.6 On Health-A new device to help patients in need of a heart transplant

Wednesday, April 23 2014, 10:23 AM CDT

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6 On Health Stories

6 On Health: Death cafes popping up across the country

6 On Health: New hair replacement procedure

6 on Health: Ancient Chinese are of cupping may help you.

6 on Health: Miniature device monitors heart health

6 on Health: Students and physical fights at school

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6 On Health: Little girl suffers spinal cord injury; see what she is doing to get better

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6 On Health: An alternative to open-heart surgery

6 On Health: See how researchers are improving diagnosis for thyroid cancer

6 On Health: Ankle replacement surgery becoming increasingly more common

6 On Health: Children who suffer from asthma may be able to live symptom free

6 On Health: Once a cure, now a culprit -- later effects of infant cancer treatment

6 On Health: New procedure for removing polyps

6 On Health: Questions answered about knee replacement surgery

6 On Health: Removing brain tumors with laser surgery rather than traditional surgery

6 on Health: Aligning teeth faster

6 on Health: Keeping hearts running without pacemakers

6 On Health: Reconstructing breasts following cancer treatment

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6 On Health: Health disparities

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6 on Health: Hospitals reducing blood transfusion rates during heart surgeries

6 On Health: Treating acid reflux/gerd

6 On Health: Playgrounds can be stressful for children with autism

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6 On Health: Some newborns not given vitamin K suffer brain bleeds

6 On Health: New procedure for lengthening limbs to avoid hip problems

6 On Health: Doctors using movie special effects techniques to help in patients' recovery

6 On Health: Average American consumes 156 lbs of sugar a year

6 On Health: Does your pet have allergies? What you can do

6 On Health: Doctors anticipate more child sports injuries

6 on Health: A better way to preserve lungs for transplant

6 on Health: Young cancer patients dealing with stress, anxiety, depression may be relief through animal therapy

6 on Health: Early detection screening recommendation for lung cancer

6 On Health: Program helps youth with autism find jobs

6 On Health: Surgery that's helping Type 2 Diabetes patients

6 On Health: Are some taking skin rejuvenation to the extreme?

6 On Health: Protecting children from dehydration and other illnesses during summer months

6 on Health: Do you think you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome?

6 On Health: How doctors are treating sleep disorders

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6 On Health: How doctors are restoring patients' vision

6 On Health: Doctors helping teens with concave chest

6 On Health: New treatment for ovarian cancer

6 On Health - Doctors helping teens with concave chests

6 On Health - Researchers studying bionic hand

6 On Health: How robots are helping doctors with child delivery complications

6 On Health: Scientists working to predict next big outbreak of West Nile virus

6 On Health: New treatment for stubborn skin infections

6 On Health: New treatment that's helping dialysis patients

6 On Health: Patients getting facelift from their dentist

6 On Health: New procedure helping more patients with Parkinson's Disease

6 On Health: Treating prostate cancer in men

6 On Health: What doctors suggest doing to test for genetic disorders

6 On Health: Blood test may determine mild or severe form of Parkinson's Disease

6 On Health - Testing telemedicine in people's homes

6 On Health - New way to calculate heart patient's likely outcome

6 On Health: How doctors are saving older children with leukemia

6 On Health: New therapies helping U.S. troops deal with PTSD

6 On Health: A new school program is creating smarter students

6 On Health - What if you could make your brain more efficient?

6 On Health - New ways to fix fibroids

6 On Health: Magnets help doctors heal a baby girl

6 On Health: When doctors can't determine the illness

6 On Health: Dyslexia patients finding new ways to deal with disorder

6 On Health: Doctors able to heal scares after acid burns

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6 On Health - Global effort works to identify genes that cause eating disorders

6 On Health - Mother discusses turning tragedy into triumph

6 On Health: Mayo Clinic doctors seek to help stroke survivors by sending stem cells into outer space

6 On Health: High-tech devices giving seniors citizens independence

6 On Health: New process to identify heart attack before it happens

6 On Health: Spinal muscular atrophy clinical trial offering hope

6 On Health: New treatment for migraines

6 On Health: Help for patients just before diabetes set in

6 On Health: New therapy for breast cancer patients when other treatments fail

6 On Health: See how lasers are helping to stop seizures

6 On Health: Report examines dangerous products being used to get high

6 On Health: Getting a second medical opinion right from home

6 On Health: Doctors find new way to treat ringing in the ears

6 On Health: New way to determine if breast lumps are cancerous

6 On Health - Technology helps patients unable to communicate

6 On Health - New implantable cardiac defibrillators help doctors, patients

6 On Health: Doctors find new way for obese patients to lose weight; take food out of stomach as soon as it goes in

6 On Health: Technology giving children who can't speak -- their very own voice

6 On Health: New treatment for potentially deadly skin cancer

6 On Health: Life-changing therapy for hepatitis C patients

6 on Health: How doctors decide who gets organ transplants

6 On Health: Help is on the way for sleep apnea patients

6 On Health: Doctor discusses how to treat dry skin

6 on Health: How doctors treated baby who wasn't expected to survive hernia

6 On Health: Procedure saves patient's lungs

6 On Health: New device could save those with heart failure

6 On Health: New insights in childhood depression

6 on Health: Sleeping disorder device to treat asthma

6 On Health: Researchers learn more about what may increase risk of dementia

6 On Health: New device to treat respiratory diseases

6 On Health: #1 killer of young athletes is sudden cardiac arrest

6 On Health: Ancient Chinese mushroom could help dogs with aggressive form of cancer

6 On Health: New therapy to treat emphysema

6 On Health: Doctors using new device to record surgeries

6 On Health: New treatment for leukemia

6 On Health: Smartphone turning into health device

6 On Health: See how dogs are trained to sniff out ovarian cancer

6 On Health: New Type 2 diabetes treatment

6 On Health - Is marijuana really medicine?

6 On Health - New implant helps eliminate need for other glaucoma treatments

6 On Health - How doctors are helping to treat problem that arises from irregular heartbeat

6 On Health - Medical marijuana sweets a growing problem for small children

6 On Health - Doctors say patient stem cells could help their bad heart

6 On Health - Emergency ban enacted on synthetic marijuana

6 On Health - Scientists working on new way to repair damaged hearts

6 On Health - New device helps pinpoint cancerous lung tumors

6 On Health - Umbilical cord stem cell banking

6 On Health - Doctor uses electricity to treat excruciating pain

6 On Health - Medical devices fast-tracked for FDA approval

6 On Health - Reseachers understanding more about autism

6 On Health - New drug to help in treatment of triple negative breast cancer

6 On Health - Students run to improve learning and health

6 On Health - New device helping to break up potentially deadly blood clots

6 On Health - Five tests for newborns that could be life saving

6 On Health - Researchers testing new generation of prosthetics

6 On Health - Surgical procedure that treats intense pain

Keynote speaker announced for Christus Well Women's Conference

6 On Health - New laser dental procedure

6 On Health - Children with neuromuscular diseases can now do more

6 On Health - Impact of post-traumatic stress on cancer patients' loved ones

6 On Health - Researchers looking at new way to offer more patient transplants for sickle cell

6 On Health - Wife splits with husband to seek medical marijuana in Colorado for sick daughter

6 On Health - Supreme court justice at odds with key requirement of ACA

6 On Health - The importance of good posture

6 On Health - New treatment for glioblastoma

6 On Health - Shortage of prescription medication

6 On Health - APP that pays kids to take their meds

6 On Health - Treating chronic pain with a pacemaker

6 On Health - Doctors say be careful how you take Tylenol

6 On Health - New machine helping people suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease to breathe easier

6 On Health - Researchers are one of the first to implant an MRI safe spinal cord stimulator

6 On Health - Receiving stroke treatment quickly considered crucial

6 On Health: New surgical paint helps brain surgeons identify cancer tumors

6 On Health: Rising costs to treat cancer

6 On Health: New device to detect lung cancer sooner

6 On Health - Bacterial meningitis, measels making news despite vaccines for both

6 On Health - Risk of injury for dancers

6 On Health - FDA approves gel to treat Rosecea

6 On Health - New company works toward creating cancer treatments

6 On Health - New government data on fertility treatments

6 On Health - Fitness experts discuss help for tightness and soreness

6 On Health - New therapy for people with inflammatory bowel diseases

6 On Health - Digital photos help detect rare eye cancer

6 On Health - New way to treat strokes

6 On Health - Hospitals going to the dogs in a good way

6 On Health - What babies eat could play role in likelihood of developing Type I diabetes

6 On Health - Colorado defying obesity trend

6 On Health - Drug expected to help life expectancy for kids with cystic fibrosis

6 On Health - Modern electroshock therapy

6 On Health - Relief for worn out or damaged knee cartilage

6 On Health - A new way to detect prostate cancer

6 On Health - What's in the meat in your freezer?

6 On Health - 3-D glasses being used by operating room doctors

6 On Health - New procedure to eliminate blood clots

6 On Health - Learn about food fraud

6 On Health - Nearly half a million children a year suffer eye injuries

6 On Health - Should genetically modified foods come off the menu?

6 On Health - Recent discovery identifies rare genetic defect

6 On Health - What to do with all that Halloween candy?

6 On Health - Drugs that are getting the green light from the FDA

6 On Health - Varicose veins can cause other problems

6 On Health - New treatment for some lung cancer patients

6 On Health - Breast cancer survivors share secrets to help others who are diagnosed

6 On Health - Avatars are helping athletes play better

6 On Health - How much do you know about what's best for your eyes?

6 On Health - Discovery that makes implanted device safe for MRI

6 On Health-1 in 3 people predicted to have diabetes by 2050

6 On Health-A doctor who is fixing spines and changing lives

6 On Health-New test could help save baby's life

6 On Health-Details on tainted supplements

6 On Health-Surgeon perfects scarless procedure for removing male breasts

6 On Health-Promising therapy for patients with type-one diabetes

6 On Health-Pregnant woman lost all of her limbs and her baby after blood clots

6 On Health-Doctors treat kidney stones with new procedure

6 On Health-Researchers doing more to prevent potentially deadly blood clots

6 On Health-McDonalds making a big change

6 On Health-Experiencing pain that someone has told you is all in your head?

6 On Health-3D technology gives patients a clearer picture of their health

6 On Health-Testing the effectiveness of a treatment on early stage prostate cancer

6 On Health-See what a spider, porcupine and worm have to do with your health

6 On Health-Tell doctors the truth

6 On Health-New cancer drug gives new hope to patients

6 On Health-Helping chronic intestinal distress

6 On Health-Technology banks patients' voices

6 On Health-What should you do about kidney stones?

6 On Health-New test can detect cancerous cells before cancer arises

6 On Health-Using arthroscopy to diagnose pain and heal hips

6 On Health-One man claims to have medical intuition

6 On Health-New treatment for patients with irregular heart beat

6 On Health-New help for heart transplant patients unable to find a donor

6 On Health-Fat cells could be feeding cancer in kids

6 On Health-New system tracks healing burn injuries

6 On Health-Medical breakthrough helps children born with gastrointestinal defects

6 On Health-Decreasing infections from hip and knee replacement surgeries

6 On Health-Learning how to help patients with memory loss

6 On Health-How to manage back pain

6 On Health-Got 10 minutes to work out? That will do

6 On Health-New research may help doctors predict if a child is at risk of developing autism

6 On Health-Foods for common health problems

6 On Health-New treatment for surgical wounds

6 On Health-Drug could impact people suffering from depression

6 On Health-New treatment for babies born with heart problems

6 On Health-Stressful jobs driving people to drink, including a significant percentage of lawyers

6 On Health-New drugs and treatments help women with breast cancer

6 On Health-Using the elevator speech with your doctor

6 On Health-New stem cell therapy helping stroke patients

6 On Health-New world-class operating suite

6 On Health-Middle-aged women suffering from depression more likely to have a stroke

6 On Health-New medical techique for hip replacements

6 On Health-The health benefits of sunglasses

6 On Health-New developments in viewing brain tumors

6 On Health-Learn more about losing weight

6 On Health-Learn about super charged versions of foods researchers are cooking up to try and prevent or treat some cancers

6 On Health-When health care providers become addicts

6 On Health -Discussing Hepatitis C drugs

6 On Health- Intestinal infection and swimming pool water

6 On Health- On robotic surgery and pancreatic cancer

6 On Health-A new device to help patients in need of a heart transplant

6 On Health-Fat cells and cancer in kids

6 On Health-Traumatic brain injuries

6 On Health-Alcohol addiction

6 On Health-Dogs could help glioblastoma patients

6 On Health- Virtual reality program works with autistic people

6 On Health- Help for babies with tumors

6 On Health-On a breath test and heart health

6 On Health-Decreasing hip and knee replacements

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