• Victoria Vaughan Laine

    Victoria Vaughan Laine
    A Will Is The Most Important Document Of Your Life!

    Victoria Vaughan Laine is a probate lawyer with a passion for serving and representing her fellow Southeast Texans. Don't let her rural location fool you, Mrs. Laine is well-seasoned in her field, and offers a broad knowledge of probate law. Call today and make an appointment at 409-246-4005 or 409-246-4008!

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  • Waldman Smallwood

    Waldman Smallwood
    Trusted, established & dedicated to helping injured people.

    We are personal injury lawyers and wrongful death lawyers serving Beaumont and surrounding areas. We are also social security disability attorneys. We explore different ways people can obtain payment for injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other costs of an accident.

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