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KFDM 6 :: News - Top Stories - School shooting victims profiled
Monday, December 17 2012, 04:03 PM CST
School shooting victims profiled

NEWTOWN, Conn. (AP) - At the very start of their lives, the schoolchildren are remembered for their love of horses, or for the games they couldn't get enough of, or for always saying grace at dinner. The adult victims found their life's work in sheltering little ones, teaching them, caring for them, treating them as their own. The gunfire Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School left a toll both unbearable and incalculable: 20 students and six adults at the school, the gunman's mother at home, and the gunman himself.

A glimpse of some of those who died:



They were supposed to be for the holidays, but finally on Friday, after hearing much begging, Charlotte Bacon's mother relented and let her wear the new pink dress and boots to school.

It was the last outfit the outgoing redhead would ever pick out. Charlotte's older brother, Guy, was also in the school but was not shot.

Her parents, JoAnn and Joel, had lived in Newtown for four or five years, JoAnn's brother John Hagen, of Nisswa, Minn., told Newsday.

"She was going to go some places in this world," Hagen told the newspaper. "This little girl could light up the room for anyone."



Daniel's family says he was "fearless in the pursuit of happiness in life."

He was the youngest of three children and in a statement to the media, his family said Daniel earned his missing two front teeth and ripped jeans.

"Words really cannot express what a special boy Daniel was. Such a light. Always smiling, unfailingly polite, incredibly affectionate, fair and so thoughtful towards others, imaginative in play, both intelligent and articulate in conversation: in all, a constant source of laughter and joy," the family said.

His father, Mark is a local musician. The New Haven Register reported that Mark was scheduled to play a show at a restaurant in Danbury on Friday, a show that was later cancelled.

On the biography on his professional website, Mark Barden lists spending time with his family as his favorite thing to do.



Days before the Connecticut shooting rampage, the boyfriend of Rachel D'Avino had asked her parents for permission to marry her.

D'Avino was a behavioral therapist who had only recently started working at the school where she was killed, according to Lissa Lovetere Stone, a friend who is handling her funeral planned for Friday. D'Avino's boyfriend, Anthony Cerritelli, planned to ask her to marry him on Christmas Eve, Lovetere Stone said.

Lovetere Stone said she met D'Avino in 2005 when D'Avino was assigned to her son, who has autism, in their town of Bethlehem. D'Avino, 29, was so dedicated she'd make home visits and constantly offered guidance on handling situations such as helping her son deal with loud music at a wedding.

"Her job didn't end when the school bell rang at 3 o'clock," Lovetere Stone said.

Police told her family that she shielded one of the students during the rampage, Lovetere Stone said.

"I'm heartbroken. I'm numb," Lovetere Stone said. "I think she taught me more about how to be a good mother to a special needs child than anyone else ever had."



Images of Olivia Rose Engel show a happy child, one with a great sense of humor, as her family said in a statement. There she is, visiting with Santa Claus, or feasting on a slice of birthday cake. Or swinging a pink baseball bat, posing on a boat, or making a silly face.

Olivia loved school, did very well in math and reading, and was "insightful for her age," said the statement released by her uncle, John Engel.

She was a child who "lit up a room and the people around her." Creative with drawing and designing, she was also a tennis and soccer player and took art classes, swimming, and dance lessons in ballet and hip hop. A Daisy Girl Scout, she enjoyed musical theater.

"She was a great big sister and was always very patient with her 3 year old brother, Brayden," her family said, recalling that her favorite colors were purple and pink.

Olivia was learning the rosary and always led grace before the family dinner. "She was a grateful child who was always appreciative and never greedy," the family said.

Her father said she was a 6-year-old who had a lot to look forward to.

Dan Merton, a longtime friend of the girl's family, recalled that she loved attention, had perfect manners and was a teacher's pet.

"Her only crime," he said, "is being a wiggly, smiley 6-year-old."



Josephine Gay had just turned 7, three days before the shooting.

She liked to ride her bike on her family's quiet cul-de-sac, and over the summer she set up a lemonade stand, according to CNN.

Josephine loved the color purple. On Monday, there were purple balloons attached to her family's mailbox, and on the mailboxes of all the neighbors. The yellow house she lived in had a jungle gym out back.

A person who answered the phone at Mother of God Catholic Church in Covington, Ky., said Josephine was the great-niece of the pastor, Father Raymond Hartman.

Polly Larsen in Sunnyvale, Calif., said she was close friends with the cousin of Josephine's mother.

"'Joey' is a beautiful little girl, may she never be forgotten and live forever in our hearts," Larsen wrote on Facebook.


DAWN HOCHSPRUNG, 47, principal

Dawn Hochsprung's pride in Sandy Hook Elementary was clear. She regularly tweeted photos from her time as principal there, giving indelible glimpses of life at a place now known for tragedy. Just this week, it was an image of fourth-graders rehearsing for their winter concert; days before that, the tiny hands of kindergartners exchanging play money at their makeshift grocery store.

She viewed her school as a model, telling The Newtown Bee in 2010 that "I don't think you could find a more positive place to bring students to every day." She had worked to make Sandy Hook a place of safety, too, and in October, the 47-year-old Hochsprung shared a picture of the school's evacuation drill with the message "safety first." When the unthinkable came, she was ready to defend.

Officials said she died while lunging at the gunman in an attempt to overtake him.

"She had an extremely likable style about her," said Gerald Stomski, first selectman of Woodbury, where Hochsprung lived and had taught. "She was an extremely charismatic principal while she was here."



The Hockley family moved to Sandy Hook two years ago from England, in love with the sense of community and the elementary school that their boys, Dylan and Jake, would attend. Dylan's mother, Nicole, is American, and his father, Ian, is British.

They moved into a house on the same street as the mother of the shooter, Adam Lanza.

In a statement, the family said their youngest boy had thrived at Sandy Hook.

"We do not and shall never regret this choice," the Hockleys said. "Our boys have flourished here and our family's happiness has been limitless."

Dylan had a beaming smile. He played tag every morning at the bus stop with neighbors, bounced on the trampoline and played computer games. He loved the color purple, seeing the moon and chocolate. He was learning to read and was proud to show off his new skills to his parents. Jake was his best friend and role model.

"We love you Mister D," the Hockleys wrote in their statement.

Dylan also adored his teacher's aide, Anne Marie Murphy, and would point to her picture on the family fridge every day. They took great comfort, they said, knowing that when Dylan died, he was wrapped in Murphy's arms.



Dr. Matthew Velsmid was at Madeleine's house on Saturday, tending to her stricken family. He said the family did not want to comment.

Velsmid said that after hearing of the shooting, he went to the triage area to provide medical assistance but there were no injuries to treat.

"We were waiting for casualties to come out, and there was nothing. There was no need, unfortunately," he said. "This is the darkest thing I've ever walked into, by far."

Velsmid's daughter, who attends another school, lost three of her friends.



Catherine's parents released a statement expressing gratitude to emergency responders and for the support of the community.

"We are greatly saddened by the loss of our beautiful daughter, Catherine Violet and our thoughts and prayers are with the other families who have been affected by this tragedy," Jennifer and Matthew Hubbard said. "We ask that you continue to pray for us and the other families who have experienced loss in this tragedy."



Chase Kowalski was always outside, playing in the backyard, riding his bicycle. Just last week, he was visiting neighbor Kevin Grimes, telling him about completing - and winning - his first mini-triathlon.

"You couldn't think of a better child," Grimes said.

Grimes' own five children all attended Sandy Hook, too. Cars lined up outside the Kowalskis' ranch home Saturday, and a state trooper's car idled in the driveway. Grimes spoke of the boy only in the present tense.


NANCY LANZA, 52, gunman's mother

She once was known simply for the game nights she hosted and the holiday decorations she put up at her house. Now Nancy Lanza is known as her son's first victim.

Authorities say her 20-year-old son Adam gunned her down before killing 26 others at Sandy Hook. The two shared a home in a well-to-do Newtown neighborhood, but details were slow to emerge of who she was and what might have led her son to carry out such horror.

Kingston, N.H., Police Chief Donald Briggs Jr. said Nancy Lanza once lived in the community and was a kind, considerate and loving person. The former stockbroker at John Hancock in Boston was well-respected, Briggs said.

Court records show Lanza and her ex-husband, Peter Lanza, filed for divorce in 2008. He lives in Stamford and is a tax director at General Electric. A neighbor, Rhonda Cullens, said she knew Nancy Lanza from get-togethers she had hosted to play Bunco, a dice game. She said her neighbor had enjoyed gardening.

"She was a very nice lady," Cullens said. "She was just like all the rest of us in the neighborhood, just a regular person."



Six-year-old Jesse Lewis had hot chocolate with his favorite breakfast sandwich - sausage, egg and cheese - at the neighborhood deli before going to school Friday morning.

Jesse and his parents were regulars at the Misty Vale Deli in Sandy Hook, Conn., owner Angel Salazar told The Wall Street Journal.

"He was always friendly; he always liked to talk," Salazar said.

Jesse's family has a collection of animals he enjoyed playing with, and he was learning to ride horseback.

Family friend Barbara McSperrin told the Journal that Jesse was "a typical 6-year-old little boy, full of life."



A year ago, 6-year-old Ana Marquez-Greene was reveling in holiday celebrations with her extended family on her first trip to Puerto Rico. This year will be heartbreakingly different.

The girl's grandmother, Elba Marquez, said the family moved to Connecticut just two months ago, drawn from Canada, in part, by Sandy Hook's sterling reputation. The grandmother's brother, Jorge Marquez, is mayor of a Puerto Rican town and said the child's 9-year-old brother also was at the school but escaped safely.

Elba Marquez had just visited the new home over Thanksgiving and is perplexed by what happened. "What happened does not match up with the place where they live," she said.

A video spreading across the Internet shows a confident Ana hitting every note as she sings "Come, Thou Almighty King." She flashes a big grin and waves to the camera when she's done.

Jorge Marquez confirmed the girl's father is saxophonist Jimmy Greene, who wrote on Facebook that he was trying to "work through this nightmare."

"As much as she's needed here and missed by her mother, brother and me, Ana beat us all to paradise," he wrote. "I love you sweetie girl."



James Mattioli especially loved recess and math, and his family described him as a "numbers guy" who came up with insights beyond his years to explain the relationship between numbers. He particularly loved the concept of googolplex, which a friend taught him.

He was born four weeks before his due date, and his family often joked that he came into the world early because he was hungry.

They wrote in his obituary that 6-year-old James, fondly called 'J,' loved hamburgers with ketchup, his Dad's egg omelets with bacon, and his Mom's french toast. He often asked to stop at Subway and wanted to know how old he needed to be to order a footlong sandwich.

He loved sports and wore shorts and T-shirts no matter the weather. He was a loud and enthusiastic singer and once asked, "How old do I have to be to sing on a stage?"

His family recalled that he was an early-riser who was always ready to get up and go. He and his older sister were the best of friend. He was a thoughtful and considerate child, recently choosing to forgo a gift for himself and use the money to buy his grandfather a mug for Christmas.

A funeral for James will be Tuesday in Newtown.



With broken hearts, the parents of Grace Audrey McDonnell said Sunday they couldn't believe the outpouring of support they've received since the little girl who was the center of their lives died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Lynn and Chris McDonnell called their 7-year-old daughter "the love and light" of their family in a statement released by the little girl's uncle.

The family also shared a photo featuring Grace smiling into the camera, her eyes shining and a pink bow adorning her long blonde hair.

"Words cannot adequately express our sense of loss," the McDonnells said.


ANNE MARIE MURPHY, 52, teacher

A happy soul. A good mother, wife and daughter. Artistic, fun-loving, witty and hardworking.

Remembering their daughter, Anne Marie Murphy, her parents had no shortage of adjectives to offer Newsday. When news of the shooting broke, Hugh and Alice McGowan waited for word of their daughter as hours ticked by. And then it came.

Authorities told the couple their daughter was a hero who helped shield some of her students from the rain of bullets. As the grim news arrived, the victim's mother reached for her rosary.

"You don't expect your daughter to be murdered," her father told the newspaper. "It happens on TV. It happens elsewhere."



Quick to cheer up those in need of a smile, Emilie Parker never missed a chance to draw a picture or make a card.

Her father, Robbie Parker, fought back tears as he described the beautiful, blond, always-smiling girl who loved to try new things, except foods.

Parker, one of the first parents to publicly talk about his loss, expressed no animosity for the gunman, even as he struggled to explain the death to his other two children, ages 3 and 4. He's sustained by the fact that the world is better for having had Emilie in it.

"I'm so blessed to be her dad," he said.



Jack Pinto was a huge New York Giants fan.

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz said he talked to Pinto's family, which is considering burying the 6-year-old boy in Cruz's No. 80 jersey.

Cruz honored Jack Sunday on his cleats, writing on them the words "Jack Pinto, My Hero" and "R.I.P. Jack Pinto."

"I also spoke to an older brother and he was distraught as well. I told him to stay strong and I was going to do whatever I can to honor him," Cruz said after the Giant's game with the Atlanta Falcons. "He was fighting tears and could barely speak to me."

Cruz said he plans to give the gloves he wore during the game to the boy's family, and spend some time with them.

"There's no words that can describe the type of feeling that you get when a kid idolizes you so much that unfortunately they want to put him in the casket with your jersey on," he said. "I can't even explain it."

Jack's funeral is scheduled for 1 p.m. on Monday at the Honan Funeral Home in Newtown, followed by burial at the Newtown Village Cemetery.



Noah was "smart as a whip," gentle but with a rambunctious streak, said his uncle, Alexis Haller of Woodinville, Wash.

He was part of a big family. His twin sister, Arielle, assigned to a different classroom, survived the shooting. He called Arielle his best friend and loved her dearly, along with big sisters Danielle and Sophia and big brother Michael.

"They were always playing together, they loved to do things together," Haller said. When his mother, a nurse, would tell him she loved him, he would answer, "Not as much as I love you, Mom.'"

Haller said Noah loved to read and liked to figure out how things worked mechanically. He was already a very good reader. He loved animals, video games and Nintendo's Mario Brothers characters. For his birthday two weeks ago, he got a new Wii.

Noah was looking forward to reading a new "Ninjago" book he'd just bought at a book fair. He was also very excited about going to a birthday party he had been invited to. It was to take place Saturday.

"He was just a really lively, smart kid," Haller said. "He would have become a great man, I think. He would have grown up to be a great dad."



Caroline Previdi had an infectious grin and a giving heart.

"Caroline Phoebe Previdi was a blessing from God and brought joy to everyone she touched," her parents, Jeff and Sandy Previdi, said in a statement. "We know that she is looking down on us from Heaven."

On Facebook, friends remembered when her big brother, Walker, was in preschool, and how Caroline would come with her mom to pick him up. A Sandy Hook dad posted photos of Caroline with another shooting victim, Olivia Engel, as well as his own daughter, who survived the attack. All three are grinning and wearing blue tutus.

Family friend David Sutch said Jeff and Sandy talk about their children all the time. On Thursday, the day before the shooting, the Previdis' annual Christmas card arrived. It had a picture of Caroline and Walker on either side of the family's Lab.

On Monday, Sutch wore a white shirt and green tie - Sandy Hook's colors - in memory of Caroline.

Sutch, who lives in Brookfield, Mo., described the Previdis as loving and compassionate, always having other children over to the house, willing to befriend anyone.

"I can't imagine a family that deserved this less," he said.



"Jessica loved everything about horses," her parents, Rich and Krista Rekos said in a statement. "She devoted her free time to watching horse movies, reading horse books, drawing horses, and writing stories about horses."

When she turned 10, they promised, she could have a horse of her own. For Christmas, she asked Santa for new cowgirl boots and hat.

The Rekoses described their daughter as "a creative, beautiful little girl who loved playing with her little brothers, Travis and Shane.

"She spent time writing in her journals, making up stories, and doing 'research' on orca whales - one of her passions after seeing the movie 'Free Willy' last year." Her dream of seeing a real orca was realized in October when she went to SeaWorld.

Jessica, first born in the family, "was our rock," the parents said. "She had an answer for everything, she didn't miss a trick, and she outsmarted us every time." A thoughtful planner, she was "our little CEO."

"We cannot imagine our life without her. We are mourning her loss, sharing our beautiful memories we have of her, and trying to help her brother Travis understand why he can't play with his best friend," they said.

"We are devastated, and our hearts are with the other families who are grieving as we are."



Lauren Rousseau had spent years working as a substitute teacher and doing other jobs. So she was thrilled when she finally realized her goal this fall to become a full-time teacher at Sandy Hook.

Her mother, Teresa Rousseau, a copy editor at the Danbury News-Times, released a statement Saturday that said state police told them just after midnight that she was among the victims.

"Lauren wanted to be a teacher from before she even went to kindergarten," she said. "We will miss her terribly and will take comfort knowing that she had achieved that dream."

Her mother said she was thrilled to get the job.

"It was the best year of her life," she told the newspaper.

Rousseau has been called gentle, spirited and active. She had planned to see "The Hobbit" with her boyfriend Friday and had baked cupcakes for a party they were to attend afterward. She was born in Danbury, and attended Danbury High, college at the University of Connecticut and graduate school at the University of Bridgeport.

She was a lover of music, dance and theater.

"I'm used to having people die who are older," her mother said, "not the person whose room is up over the kitchen."


MARY SHERLACH, 56, school psychologist

When the shots rang out, Mary Sherlach threw herself into the danger.

Janet Robinson, the superintendent of Newtown Public Schools, said Sherlach and the school's principal ran toward the shooter. They lost their own lives, rushing toward him.

Even as Sherlach neared retirement, her job at Sandy Hook was one she loved. Those who knew her called her a wonderful neighbor, a beautiful person, a dedicated educator.

Her son-in-law, Eric Schwartz, told the South Jersey Times that Sherlach rooted on the Miami Dolphins, enjoyed visiting the Finger Lakes, relished helping children overcome their problems. She had planned to leave work early on Friday, he said, but never had the chance. In a news conference Saturday, he told reporters the loss was devastating, but that Sherlach was doing what she loved.

"Mary felt like she was doing God's work," he said, "working with the children."


VICTORIA SOTO, 27, teacher

She beams in snapshots. Her enthusiasm and cheer was evident. She was doing, those who knew her say, what she loved.

And now, Victoria Soto is being called a hero.

Though details of the 27-year-old teacher's death remained fuzzy, her name has been invoked again and again as a portrait of selflessness and humanity among unfathomable evil. Those who knew her said they weren't surprised by reports she shielded her first-graders from danger.

"She put those children first. That's all she ever talked about," said a friend, Andrea Crowell. "She wanted to do her best for them, to teach them something new every day."

Photos of Soto show her always with a wide smile, in pictures of her at her college graduation and in mundane daily life. She looks so young, barely an adult herself. Her goal was simply to be a teacher.

"You have a teacher who cared more about her students than herself," said Mayor John Harkins of Stratford, the town Soto hailed from and where more than 300 people gathered for a memorial service Saturday night. "That speaks volumes to her character, and her commitment and dedication."



Music surrounded Benjamin Wheeler as he grew up in a household where both his mother and father were performers.

They left behind stage careers in New York City when they moved to Newtown with Benjamin and his older brother Nate.

"We knew we wanted a piece of lawn, somewhere quiet, somewhere with good schools," Francine Wheeler told the Newtown Bee in a profile.

She is a music educator and singer-songwriter. Sometimes the musical mother would try out tunes on her own children, with some tunes that she made up for Ben as a baby eventually finding their way onto a CD, she told the newspaper.

In writing songs for children, melodies needn't be simplified, she said. "I try to make it my mission to always present good music to kids."

Benjamin's father, David, a former film and television actor, writes and performs still, according to a profile on the website of the Flagpole Radio Cafe theater, with which he's performed in Newtown.

The family belongs to Trinity Episcopal Church, whose website noted that Nate, also a student at Sandy Hook Elementary School, was not harmed in Friday's shooting.




Associated Press writers Denise Lavoie, Mark Scolforo, Allen Breed, Pat Eaton-Robb, Bridget Murphy, Christopher Sullivan, Danica Coto and Christina Rexrode contributed to this report.

(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

School shooting victims profiled

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Texas gun group simulates Paris attack

Beaumont PD welcoming three new officers

Facebook begins sending Amber Alerts

10 dead, prison bus fell from overpass and crashed into train

Reaction to fire, flaring at ExxonMobil Chemical

LIT Foundation annual Shoot-Out set for March

NASA probing Space Station emergency alert

Big change in Tax Act could affect your refund

France sends aircraft carrier to help US fight militants

Constituents react to Congressman's tweet

BBB warns consumers to be wary of solicitation letters

Texas group shows gun making machine at Capitol

France arrests 54 for defending terrorism; announces crackdown

CrimeStoppers wants help to catch office thief

Fire destroys church in Hardin County

Sylvia Martinez is WOC interim superintendent

Texas Legislature opens tomorrow

Panera Bread is open in Beaumont

Orange County detective arrested on suspicion of DWI

Major accident slows traffic on Hwy 69 near Kountze

Rep. Randy Weber issues statement on Paris tweet

Rep. Randy Weber compares President Obama to Hitler

Fire consumes vacant Heavenly Angels Church in Kountze

Fire contained at ExxonMobil Chemical near downtown Beaumont

Parent of BISD special education student says program still needs change

Israel buries 4 Jewish victims of Paris attack

PA man gets prison for statue theft

Senate Democrats look to tweak bill on Keystone XL Pipeline

Man killed in Jasper County fire

Saratoga house fire displaces young family

Comptroller warns lawmakers oil price plunge will affect surplus

Chambers County arrests 5 sex offenders for failure to register

Police investigate shots fired in Groves

Samuel Thomas IV sentenced to life in prison

New technology helps police identify where a gun was fired

U.S. Centcom's Twitter, Youtube hacked

Gas Buddy -- SE TX gas prices dipping below $1.80

BPD: One brother killed, one hurt in fight about which television show to watch

Golden Globes Awards full of humor

JP to KFDM News: Alcohol poisoning suspected in death of PA man at his birthday party

Family tries to recover after fire nearly destroys home

Memorial High School to perform "Grease the Musical"

Robber uses knife to rob woman, small child

Retired school principal wins $MegaMillions

Fire displaces 87-year-old man, family

Millionaire missing in OK

Bucs and Ducs to vie in first National Football Championship

Community donates to help Vidor family displaced by fire

SpaceX ship delivers supplies to space station

Police are on the look out for a teen robbery suspect

Family credits dog with catching burglar

Attic fire damages Beaumont home

Surveillance video shows Dollar General robbery

Pedicyclist killed in Jasper County crash

France hunts for attack accomplices, deploys 10,000 troops

Vidor restaurants featured in Restaurant Report Card

Two men indicted in connection with copper thefts

2-state manatee sighting network expanded to Texas

Grand jury indicts man accused of murder of Orange woman

Supporters of law enforcement show appreciation

Woman rescued from submerged vehicle at Sea Rim

Hardin County chase ends with crash

Fire coming through roof of home in Vidor

Jasper County S.O. recovers $200,000 stolen oilfield metal

Two Charlie Hebdo suspects killed, hostages freed

Paris police have second terrorist/hostage standoff

French police have terrorist pair hold up in print plant

Heating up your home? Tips on how to keep safe during cold temps

Senior citizens impacted in different ways by cold snap

Last minute tips for college students starting the spring semester

President proposes free community college tuition

Homeless and other Southeast Texans prepare for cold

Overturned vehicle in Beaumont

Beaumont plant nursery set afire in heater flare up

BPD investigating aggravated robbery of Dollar General

Rodent problem at a Beaumont high school

AAA Texas: Statewide gas price average drops below $2 mark

AAA Texas offers tips for safe winter weather driving

TXDOT crews ready in case of ice on roads

Lawyers argue in court for teen's right to refuse cancer treatments

Police arrest 3 accused of making synthetic marijuana

Orange hotel is robbed at gunpoint

Dad accused of tossing daughter from bridge

Man saves his kids from fire, tries to save wife

Port Arthur woman dies in hospital after apartment fire

How you can protect your home, pet, and plants during the cold snap

UPDATE: Road in Vidor to reopen around midnight tonight

Jefferson County D.A. sworn in

Lower gas prices impact meals on wheels program in more ways than one

Man found dead in Orangefield woods identified

Beaumont Police arrest 3 accused of making synthetic marijuana

Overturned truck closes two Hwy 73 lanes near Rainbow Bridge

Terrorists kill 12 in French newspaper attack

City of Beaumont offers cold weather tips

VIDEO: Fire injures man, woman at Port Arthur apartment

"The Interview" is a streaming success

Gunman hides in lounge and robs employee

Bill & Giuliana Rancic head 8th CHRISTUS LiveWell Women's

Update on PA fire that injured man and woman

Two people injured in apartment fire in Port Arthur

Winter wreaks it's vengeance over the U.S.

LU online programs ranked among the best by U.S. News &World Report

Lamar State College Port Arthur working to build on campus dorm

PA Council rejects forensic audit

Police investigating death in 1300 block of Central Dr.

Dog saves woman from house boat fire

Desperate homeowner springs trap on burglar

Crime Stoppers: Police need help solving a robbery

It's Carnival time -- time for King Cakes

Lutcher Theatre to host "Flash Dance"

Raw video from the scene of shooting at El Paso Clinic

Officer shot during disturbance in Pampa in Texas Panhandle

Jeff County Airport invites press to discuss procedures

Third time is charm for Biggio -- elected to Hall of Fame

Suspects questioned in shooting of two NYPD officers

Elderly woman killed in Jasper County accident

Lamar State- Port Arthur confers 209 degrees

One more day of cool temperatures before frigid air moves in

Petco pulls Chinese dog treats amid fears it sickens pets

Hempstead woman charged with trying to steel $700 in goods in Jasper

Brian Babin to be sworn in as new congressman representing Southeast Texas

Are fingerprint readers an effective security? New concerns

Entergy offers tips to avoid stinging bills when frigid air hits

Lake Charles man accused of cruelty to a juvenile

Sunoco: 7 taken to hospital after exposure to fire suppressant

Robber assaults Port Arthur clerk

Legislators to consider marijuana bills

First new Orange County judge in 20 years serves first day in office

Losing weight in the new year

Orange SO: autopsy shows Vidor intruder shot twice

Orange Police arrest man for drugs, evidence tampering in shooting

Woman rescued from on top of vehicle submerged in water

Gas prices down to $1.80's in Golden Triangle

Restaurant owner says robbery shouldn't deter families from eating out

PAISD debuts new free mobile app

Lake Charles police: Man shot dead in car, passenger okay

Mother, daughter confronted by gunman while leaving west end restaurant

DSHS to host teen, young adult mental health event

Police: Man confesses to murder

Army veteran gives advice to people with PTSD

"She" gets a Welcome Home after 5,000 journey lost

Another plane makes hard landing at Jack Brooks Regional Airport

Did your blue light run in our newscast? Take a look at the video

Fire displaces family from Beaumont home

Beaumont hospital reports 70 cases of synthetic marijuana since Christmas

Plane crashes at Jack Brooks Regional Airport

Dog saves couple from fire that destroys home

Jasper County woman says man attacked her, dragged her into woods

Jasper County deputies worried about potential danger posed by toy guns

Blue Light Week honors officers

Civic leader J Earl Brickhouse laid to rest

Couple escapes fire that destroys Orange County home

Investigators: bad batch of synthetic marijuana causing spike in overdoses

Man is rescued after driving into LNVA canal

Human remains discovered in Orange County

Beaumont convenience store on Washington robbed at gunpoint

Remembering longtime civic leader J. Earl Brickhouse

Houston couple watching fireworks when stray bullet kills husband

Update: Divers confident only driver was in car in Old Voth Rd. canal

Police, doctors seeing increase in suspected synthetic marijuana overdoses

Restaurant Report: Jan. 2, 2015

Beaumont Police release name of Lumberton woman killed in crash

Lumberton woman dies following crash on I-10

San Antonio bans cell phone use while driving

West, North Texas getting wintry mix blast

Authorities: Florida man decapitates his mother over nagging

Intoxicated man killed after entering an Orange County home

Bono: I may never play guitar again after crash

Ex-NY Gov. Cuomo dies on day son begins 2nd term

Local New Year's Day baby

New Year's black-eyed peas tradition

Orange, Hardin and Jefferson Co. officials sworn in

BPD: Three people treated after overdosing on synthetic marijuana

Video from scene of fire that may be linked to juveniles, fireworks

ORCO: Homeowner shoots, kills intoxicated intruder who may have thought it was his home

Investigators trying to determine link between juveniles, fireworks, fire that destroyed building

Jefferson County judges, DA sworn in

Family remembers Alexis Neal, sends message to people celebrating New Years

Man from Sour Lake killed in crash

New Years resolutions of local residents

Getting ready to light up the fireworks? Read first:

Authorities: Man confesses to robbing Bridge City store

Unemployment rate drops in Port Arthur

Fire safety at local senior living facilities

Man lighting barbeque with gasoline airlifted to Galveston

Gas selling for 89 cents in some Houston areas

Start the year right: Resolution Run

Suspect in store robbery arrested after returning to scene of crime

Wind chill in upper teens in Lakes Area

The Sugar Bowl has huge economic impact for New Orleans

CDC: Flu deaths rise to 15 in US

Conroe's landmark Camp Strike is having its last campfire

Man recognizes burglar sleeping in his bed

Two-year old fatally shoots woman in Wal-mart

District Attorney-elect prepares to take office

Preparations intense for NY New Years Eve ball drop

Police in Houston are worried

Business owners hope new year brings new growth to downtown Orange

CrimeStoppers seeks your help to find dangerous fugitive

Port Arthur Fire Dept investigating spill in ditch

State parks encourage hikes on first day of 2015

Report: Police officers shooting deaths climbed in 2014

Amber Alert toddler found safe in Arkansas; father found dead

AAA: Statewide Gas Price average drops a dime in a week

Accident injures motorcycle driver

Daughters left homeless after tragedy, successful kidney donation

San Antonio fatal senior citizen apartment fire: no sprinklers

Nearly 400,000 Texans enroll in health plans through Affordable Care Act

Amber Alert issued for missing son of mother found dead

Debris, bodies linked to AirAsia jet crash

Report: Weight loss supplements users don't understand safety, effectivenss

Mother accused of pimping her daughter from age 11

Jasper County couple finds home destroyed after tornado hit

Meeting delay could cost county in Vidor Loop project

Rapid growth of airlines in Indonesia strains system

L.A. Police: person who shot at 2 cops still on loose

Researchers working on robots to interact with people

Drivers report $1.95 gas price in Port Arthur

National Weather Service confirms tornado hit Jasper County

Beaumont city bus slams into house

Barrier reefs now visible on Google maps

Houston economy sees hints of a slowdown

Gunman wearing ski mask robs restaurant in Orange

AAA offers free Tipsy Tow service for New Year's holiday

Most Southeast Texas cities keep tax debt low

Latest on search for missing AirAsia jet

Workers busy building Rose Parade floats

Airplane vanishing UPDATE: Planes spot objects in sea

Another police officer shot dead

Five people died in fire at Texas retirement home

How to be safe while ringing in the New Year

Hwy 69 and Keith Rd crash in Hardin County

Dramatic fire rescue caught on video

Local man killed in crash this weekend

Former council member launches petition drive for Port Arthur forensic audit

PAPD sergeant honors slain NYPD officers

Tax expert: The last days in 2014 can impact your taxes

Babies born premature spend first Christmas at hospital

Beaumont Christmas tree recycling drop-off locations

Christmas surprise in Oklahoma Walmart

Shoppers find big sales on day after Christmas

Hardin County woman shot when rifle is dropped

Many banding together for "buy nothing" Christmas

Family escapes house fire, puppy litter dies

Driver dies when vehicle sinks in Port Arthur canal

Lanterns launched to absent loved ones on Christmas

Hack? Christmas tarnished for Xbox and Playstation giftees

Oil price plunge good for consumers, hard on industry

Father thanks cops at memorial for slain officer

Restaurant Report: Dec. 26, 2014

Rescue crews pull man from canal

Pope wishes Christmas hope and peace

Streaming release of movie is test for industry

State exonerates Texas man imprisoned 31 years

Fire burns mansion owned by Dallas Cowboys player

Two arrested in Texas armored car vehicle heist

Secret Santa makes Christmas for struggling family

Mother mourns loss of son in fatal accident before Christmas

Port Arthur police give tips on protecting your home during the holiday

Port Arthur shoppers are confident about jobs

Family needs help paying for son's funeral

Today is the busiest travel day of the year

DFW security -- body cams are useful on the job

Sony, YouTube to stream The Interview $5.99

Beaumont to start Christmas Tree removal

Officer kills armed 18-year-old accused of pulling gun on officer

Update: East and westbound College Street now open following fire behind pest control business

Coast Guard rescues boaters in Trinity Bay

Boomer Roomies becoming more common

Boy's lost wish list found, fulfilled

Health care industry benefits from Obamacare

New accusation: Sony hack used insider

Santa visits Girls Haven, blue lights blazing

CrimeStoppers: help solve crash and carry

Average gas price drops 12 cents a gallon in Bmt-PA

Sailors spend Christmas away from family

Delta baggage handler charged with smuggling weapons on planes

PAPD major arrest in cold case home invasion shooting

Homeowners find car in their house

PA council approves in lieu of tax agreement with Valero, rescinds annexation

BBB: Beware of terms, charges for Gift Cards

Dolphin stranded on Bolivar getting intense care

Sony to release "The Interview" on Christmas Day

New date for Chris Tucker at Ford Park

Airline gun smuggling ring broken

Fitch report -- Texas homes overvalued

Billy Rowles named interim Newton Police Chief

Police say robbers beat bedridden man

Gas Buddy reports prices continue dropping

Video of Kyle Field demolition for upgrades

Jefferson County Commissioners approve purchase of new electronic voting machines

Update on PA home invasion robbery that injures homeowner, teen

Update on murder of two NYC police officers

Women excised from public life in ISIS controlled area

Remembering Joe Tortorice, Sr.

North Korea internet "totally down" --expert

Police departments on alert after NY cop killings

Spindletop Center to have Tobacco-Free Campus, Jan. 1

How stressed out is your zip code?

Pope gives harsh critique of Vatican bureaucrats

Woman delivers own baby on way to hospital

Home invasion robbery sends one person to hospital

Possible hazmat situation cleared

Former local officer reacts to shooting deaths of NYPD officers

eReaders can be harmful to sleep

Hardin County Sheriff's Office working possible hazmat situation

Another man shot in Beaumont refuses to press charges

Gunman shoots two NYPD officers

Logan's Roadhouse manager robbed

Vidor couple describes "strange" home invasion

Parents offer tips on holiday shopping with kids

Restaurant manager near mall robbed after closing

Vidor couple says man posing as bounty hunter tricked them and stole their SUV

Former Catholic school teacher in Orange sentenced for sexual assault

Names released of two brothers who police believe may have died in double suicide

Floodplain regulations concerning some in Bolivar Peninsula

Beaumont police officers reward good behavior

Agreement could delay next BISD board election

Car collides with West Hardin bus

Crunch time for shoppers and retailers

Lamar names 597 students to President’s List for fall 2014

Aryan Brotherhood members sentenced in Texas

TxDOT approves $1.8 million for construction in Jefferson County

Police cadets have 100-percent passing rate

Houston Police release video of suspect chase and shooting

Colbert signs off show, looks to new late night gig

Lamar names 1,054 students to Deans’ List for fall 2014

A restaurant worker praises a woman's coat.. then..

Texas Country Reporter: Dec. 19, 2014

Restaurant Report: Dec. 19, 2014

Little Cypress Mauriceville convenience store robbed at gunpoint

BISD votes to hire forensic audit firm

A woman dies in crash in Orange

Tentative timetable outlined for BISD superintendent search

UPDATE: Two people found dead appear to be a double suicide

KFDM News learns PA Council set to vote Tuesday on tax agreement with Valero

U.S. Marine surprises little brother at school

Police say deaths of two brothers apparent suicides

Former Beaumont physician headed to federal prison

Drivers stopped for violations get cash instead of tickets

City of Port Arthur and Valero Refinery may be on verge of tax agreement for annexation

Jefferson County deputies seeking answers in shooting

One person escapes a house fire in Port Arthur

Bikes awarded to top students in rememberance of Tyvone Washington, a student who died

Two bodies found at home on Concord Street in Beaumont

Stranded bottlenose dolphin rescued on Bolivar Peninsula

Review: 'The Interview deserves to be seen'

KFDM News learns Jefferson County fugitive jailed in North Texas

Where is school debt in SE Texas concentrated?

KFDM news on scene of Port Arthur house fire

Beaumont to start picking up heavy trash each week

Average gas price drops 12 cents in Beaumont area

Boston marathon bomber's lawyer wants trial deal

Update on shooting investigation in Jefferson County

Deputies to search inside of murder victim's truck for clues

Police remind shoppers, employees to pay attention to identity theft signs

SETX store sells beer and wine for first time in 30 years

Former Port Arthur city employee indicted on theft charge

Domestic violence task force: domestic abuse increases during the holidays

Vehicle belonging to murdered Jasper County man is back in Jasper County

New information released on Vidor woman who died on a Beaumont road

Man leads Jefferson County deputies on chase

BREAKING: U.S. investigation links North Korea to Sony hacking

Drop in gas prices just in time for holiday shopping

Cuba releases American prisoner. Obama: warming relations

Manhunt underway near Waco for gunman who shot TV weatherman

Former PA City employee indicted on theft charge

Sony hackers issue terrorist threat

Co-workers in Buna mourn the loss of a friend

Girl wants to be adopted for Christmas

4 year old saves Grandma with 911 call

Former Kaufman County Justice of the Peace gets death sentence


Beaumont City Council appoints Bill Sam, Sr. to replace Jamie Smith as Ward IV councilman

Town bares all for one of its own

Trial date set for Newton County Sheriff Eddie Shannon

KFDM learns Crystal Boyett is out of jail after posting bond

Web site shows Southeast Texas has light debt load.

Man sentenced for federal drug violations

LIT graduates 75 with honors

Jasper County murder victim's truck found in Abilene

Occuupants escape apartment fire

WOC-ISD approves timeline to hire superintendent

Lamar graduates 72 with honors at commencement

Taliban storm school in Pakistan killing more than 100, mostly children

Cop dragged by car: 'I was just hanging on for the ride'

Hero of Walmart pays off layaway accounts

Live report at 6 from WOC-CISD; no decision yet on interim superintendent

Jasper County murder victim's pickup found in Abilene

Students tackle real-life math problems

Detectives say they suspect gang activity in fatal shooting

Sony hackers promise Christmas surprise

New video posted on police storming Sydney coffee house

DPS investigating fatal collision involving 18 wheeler and SUV in Hardin County

La Quinta in Bridge City robbed at gunpoint

Man dies in Orange shooting,another wounded

Unattended fire scorches 100 acres in Lakes Area

Cool to flood into area with passing front

Police storm Sydney cafe where hostages held

Motorists in targeted by a "secret" policeman (think holidays)

Website ranks Texas drivers as 'third worst' in the country

Port Arthur man dies in hit and run accident

Father has dazzling light show for son who died of cancer

Do not call list doesn't solve pestering issue

Dallas area predicted to have one of worst flu outbreaks

BREAKING NEWS: Police in Orange investigating a deadly shooting

Officers looking for help in finding man accused of severely burning woman with hot grease

Beaumont Police seeking witnesses who saw woman prior to time she ended up out of vehicle and died on MLK

Bike patrol keeping shoppers safe

Crystal Boyett was still in jail Friday after judge increases bond to $2.4 million

Red Kettle Campaign down on donations

Man arrested on charge of deserting grandchildren

Jasper County deputies solve $40,000 oilfield theft case in less than 24 hours

Jefferson County deputies arrest Louisiana murder suspect

Restaurant Report: Dec. 12, 2014

Grinch steals Groves family's Christmas

Jefferson County gang injunction targets the 'Surenos 13' gang

Judge increases Crystal Boyett's bond, prohibits from driving

Mauriceville issues Boil Water notice

Man charged with murder learns fate

Couple celebrates 72 anniversary

Egyptian Spiderman thrills kids

Grinch steals Christmas from Groves family

Man makes and gives handcrafted rocking horses to children in custody of Child Protective Services

Children get to do their own Christmas shopping, thanks to a foundation

Bell ringer suprised with $10,000 donation

KFDM Listens: Dec. 11, 2014 - Exploring the Affordable Care Act for health insurance

Police Chief is everyone's hero

Update: Boyett prohibited from driving; bond increased by $400,000 to $2.4 million

KFDM learns Jefferson County D.A. files first gang injunction

KFDM learns Jefferson County D.A. files first gang injunction

Firefighters douse 18 wheeler fire

It will be a Whimsical Christmas in MidCounty

Deputies find evidence buried in woods

Shane Hadnot pleads guilty to drug charge

Beaumont PD museum, remembering the past helps the future

Friend of Port Arthur man who was shot and killed speaks to KFDM

BPD has released surveillance video with armed robber's voice; Do you recognize gunman's voice?

KFDM learns Shane Hadnot pleads guilty in case prosecutors say is linked to death of Alfred Wright

Mid County Performing Arts Company presents 'A Whimsical Christmas'

Four plead guilty to counterfeiting charges

Jefferson County S.O. looking for man it calls 'dangerous fugitive'

Thieves use van as battering ram to steal ATM from Cheek Grocery

Beaumont investigators believe transients cause fire at vacant Econo Lodge

Small Town Shopping Can be Exciting During Christmas

Council votes to annex Valero

Museum of the Gulf Coast Hosts Holiday Extravaganza

Brehnam High Schools students print prosthetic hand

Two dead in Dallas seniors apartments fire

KFDM's Haley Bull reports Port Arthur council votes to annex Valero

Ebola fighters named Time Person of the Year

PAPD investigating fatal shooting

Students show bias for male online instructors

Pizza delivery woman lured, robbed, and shot

Gunmen rob Dollar General

BBB warns against IRS and other calls to collect money

Family, friends honor 97-year-old veteran

CrimeStoppers needs your help

Police searching Tuesday for attackers who shot Beaumont pizza delivery driver

Jefferson County considers new voting machines

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is 50 years old

Air Liquide to add new Port Neches air unit.

West Orange-Cove passes on Dr. Chargois

Brutal CIA questioning didn't work, Senate report says

Group pushing to end suprise health care bills

Beaumont Police investigate shooting

Haley Bull reports live on Jefferson County considering new electronic voting system

KFDM learns Crystal Boyett receives speeding ticket; DA seeking to revoke or increase bond

Golden Nugget opens in Lake Charles

Customers react to convenience store robberies

89-year-old man honored for volunteering at Some Other Place for 25 years

BISD student dies after suffering seizure on school bus

East Texas Guard Unit revived to help in disasters

U.S., NATO close Afghan command, local war continues

Gas Buddy shows prices continue decreasing

Los Angeles fights massive fire

BPD releases name of woman found dead on MLK Parkway

Rotary Club of Beaumont chooses RYLA recipients

Vidor woman dies in street

BPD: Three Beaumont stores robbed

Ferguson march in Beaumont in rememberance of Michael Brown shooting case

Update: Police release name of Port Arthur man who was shot and killed

Port Arthur police investigating fatal shooting

Fire destroys auto shop in Orange

Authorities: Remains of missing man found

Tips for smart holiday shopping

Foster kids celebrate a 'muddy' Christmas

Police catch suspect accused of robbing man at Holiday Inn under renovation

BISD puts three administrators on paid leave following attendance probe

KFDM obtains new complaint letter from FFRF to Hardin Jefferson ISD

Flu vaccines may be less effective this year, CDC says they still have benefits

11th St. businesses welcome new development

Chance of rain Saturday, clearing and nice Sunday

Thank you for donating to KFDM's Toy Feast

Restaurant Report: Dec. 5, 2014

Three plead guilty in BISD time card fraud case

Former BISD Superintendent Dr. Chargois applies for top job at West Orange-Cove CISD

BISD must give up more than $500,000 for attendance violations

Guilty pleas in BISD time card fraud case

Three suspected child predators plead guilty

Beaumont animal services wants you to 'foster a pet' for the holidays

Flu shot may not be enough protection this year

Authorities: Men caught when trying to steal metal pipe

City of Beaumont lights Christmas tree

Mildred Building Holiday Angel is lit

Modest average premium increases seen for ACA coverage

Man's ear bitten off during fight that led to stabbing

Cowboy Silsbee announces first annual Christmas Toy Round-up

National Hurricane Museum & Science Center gets $1 million from State Farm & Entergy

It's official, $1.99 gas returns to U.S.

Questions raised over Port Neches water

Bullet enters family's apartment

LSC-PA’s Guidry earns Rogers Community Service Award

Dispatchers say 911 hang ups can delay emergency assistance

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal Reserve policymakers will have a batch of fresh data to consider as they begin a two-day meeting to look at interest rates.

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   WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- (Marketwired) -- 03/21/14 --
 Companies that pride themselves on being eco-friendly may have conflicted
 ideas between marketing with ad specialties and maintaining their green
 reputation. ...

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NEW YORK (AP) -- Melissa Rivers says no family should have to go through what she, her son -- and her mom -- went through.

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PHOENIX (AP) -- If the Super Bowl is the show -- then Media Day has to be the sideshow.

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