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Dangers of sleeping next to your baby

BEAUMONT-By: Leslie Rangel

If you've slept with your baby or young child with the goal of protecting the baby, you're not alone.

According to Child Protective Services, it's more common than most people think.

CPS caseworkers say the risks are clear, yet many parents have taken that risk.

Falling asleep with your baby is something many mothers can say they've done.

CPS wants to educate all parents about the dangers of a baby sleeping next to you.

Ashley Shenton is a new mom. Shenton admits she has co-slept with her son.  Even if it's not intentional.

"I think most moms are guilty of it, like maybe falling asleep for a few minutes, while they're feeding their baby in the middle of the night," Shenton says.

Some say it's part of their desire to nurture a child.

"Yes I've done it, I try not to, but sometimes it does happen," Shenton said.

But in that desire to nurture, a parent may doze off.

"They fall asleep, they roll over on the child,  the child can't breathe, the child can't cry, can't get out of the way because it's just a small infant and then the mother wakes up with the baby dead next to them," Shari Pulliam with CPS says. 

It's happened five times in Texas just this month alone.

"No one means you know to kill their child when they sleep with them, but that's the risk that you take," Pulliam said. 

It's a risk this new mother is determined to avoid.

To help her, Shari Pulliam explains the ABC's of safety.

A-infant sleeps alone

B-infant sleeps on their backs with no blankets or bedding

C- put infant in a crib and a cool environment

D- have a smoke free environment

They're a few steps that could help save your baby's life.

"It's just terrifying, all the work you go through, being pregnant for 9 months and then being exhausted and taking care of a brand new baby. Definitely it's a full time job, but I love it, I wouldn't trade it for anything," Shenton said. 

CPS wants to remind parents that anything inside a crib can be hazardous to a child if a youngster rolls over and the object blocks his or her airway, including bumpers, toys or blankets of any kind.


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